Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic

At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), we understand that surveillance and supportive care is equally important as cancer treatment for our patients. Our Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic offers monitoring for patients who have completed their sarcoma treatment. This includes routine follow-up exams and scan review, which is important in order to detect possible early signs or sarcoma recurrence or metastatic disease.

Who is the clinic for?

The SCCA Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic is designed for patients who have completed treatment for sarcoma. The frequency of your visits will depend on your surveillance plan.

If you are a current SCCA patient

The Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic is available to SCCA sarcoma patients who are transitioning to surveillance.

If you are not a current SCCA patient

Patients wanting to transfer their care would first be scheduled at our Sarcoma Clinic and then subsequently referred to the Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic.

“Seeing patients in the Surveillance Clinic is exciting because it represents that they have graduated from the active treatment phase and higher-risk period of follow up. The emphasis is geared toward getting back to life and health after cancer. ”
— Jennifer S. Hamilton, PA-C

What to expect

The Sarcoma Surveillance clinic is tailored to meet individual patients’ needs and offers the following services:

  • Surveillance planning
  • Routine imaging and clinic follow-up
  • Management of long-term side effects of cancer treatment
  • Referrals to specialists or supportive care services, as needed

Supportive care services include integrative medicine, which includes acupuncture, as well as many other services such as psychiatry and nutrition. 

Learn More About Supportive Care Services

How to find us

The Surveillance Clinic is located in the SCCA Wellness Center. You can expect the same type of visit as in the fourth floor Sarcoma Clinic.
For directions and other information on the Wellness Center:

Care team

The Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic team is made up of experts from a variety of specialties within SCCA.

Advanced practice provider

These health care professionals work closely with you on your surveillance plan. There are two types: physician assistants (PAs) and advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs). They will be your main provider in the Surveillance Clinic.

Registered nurse (RN)

These health care professionals work closely with your advanced care provider. Nurses are resources for you and your caregiver. They answer questions and help with a wide range of topics, such as connecting you with services you need at SCCA.

Team coordinator

Your team coordinator works closely with you and your advanced care provider. They serve as your scheduler.

Find care team profiles

Meet the caring, dedicated people who take care of you and your family at SCCA.

Stephanie G. Doyle, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Advanced Practice Provider
Jennifer S. Hamilton, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Advanced Practice Provider
Erin D. Shade, PA-C, MS
Physician Assistant
Advanced Practice Provider
Stasia Y. Turner, ARNP
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Practice Provider