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Cancer can change your life in unexpected ways. You may need to understand side effects, take part in physical therapy, or seek additional support to manage the emotional impact cancer has had on your life.

Recovery takes time and you do not have to experience it alone. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is here to help you thrive after cancer treatment and to provide continuing recovery and follow-up support for years to come.

SCCA offers screenings, prevention recommendations and help with after effects of your cancer and treatment.

We encourage you to participate in one of our follow-up programs for cancer survivors. While your cancer may be cured, there may be long-term effects from it or its treatment. As a survivor, you are at higher risk for a secondary cancer; SCCA can help you manage that risk.

Survivorship Clinic

The SCCA Survivorship Clinic offers treatment, support, and education after cancer treatment is complete for adults.

Regardless of whether you were treated for cancer at SCCA or at another medical facility, you can meet with our providers and receive a Survivorship Care Plan, which contains resources and support information particular to your needs.

Long-Term Follow-Up

The Fred Hutchinson Long-Term Follow-up Program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) provides life-long monitoring and care for people who have had a bone marrow, stem cell transplant or cellular immunotherapy. 

Women's Wellness Clinic

The SCCA Women's Wellness Clinic is for women who have completed cancer treatment or who are at high risk of developing breast or a gynecologic cancer.

Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic

The SCCA Sarcoma Surveillance Clinic offers monitoring for patients who have completed their sarcoma treatment. This includes routine follow-up exams and scan review, which is important in order to detect possible early signs or sarcoma recurrence or metastatic disease.

Childhood cancer survivors

Our alliance partner, Seattle Children's, offers the Cancer Survivor Program for survivors of childhood cancers. The program helps children, teens and young adults stay health after cancer treatment.

Learn More About Cancer Survivor Program

Clinical trials

There are clinical trials for survivors interested in participating in studies that promote long-term survivorship. 

View Survivorship Clinical Trials

More support

Support and self care
Support and self care

Your health care team is just one part of the support network you’ll find here. SCCA has extensive resources to help our patients, families, and caregivers take better care of themselves and each other.

Coping with side effects
Coping with side effects

Most patients will experience some side effects from their treatment, but great progress has been made in treating or minimizing many of them. Here is a guide to the most common side effects and how to manage them.

Patient safety
Patient safety

Giving our patients care of the highest quality and safety is a point of pride for SCCA and is reflected in our high survival rates and receipt of the Joint Commission’s Golden Seal of Approval.

Infection prevention
Infection prevention

The Infection Prevention Program at SCCA works to identify and reduce the risks of infection in our patients and staff. We conduct infectious-disease surveillance and implement effective infection-prevention measures throughout the organization