Supportive care services

At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), we know that cancer treatment involves much more than treating your cancer. Our supportive care specialists work in tandem with your care team and can help you when you need it whether it’s relieving pain or getting the best nutrition, to improving your strength and balance or navigating emotional support.

The following are services located at SCCA South Lake Union. If you are seen at one of our other locations, your care team can help connect you with appropriate resources for your needs.


These clinics are staffed by physicians with support from other team members. Talk to your care team for a referral to one of these clinics, or you may contact the clinic directly.

Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine utilizes mind-body practices, natural products and/or lifestyle modifications alongside conventional cancer treatments.

Oncoreproduction Clinic

The SCCA Oncoreproduction Clinic provides patients with information and support regarding fertility preservation.

Pain clinic

The SCCA Pain Clinic specializes in managing complex plain related to solid tumors, bone marrow transplant and a variety of hematological conditions. 

Palliative care

Supportive and palliative care is available to anyone with a cancer diagnosis and is provided in conjunction with your regular oncology appointments. 


We have prevention clinics to help with the early detection of cancer or to determine if you are at high risk. 


For the emotional and psychological part of treatment, SCCA has mental health counselors (psychiatrists and psychologists) available. 


We offer many services to help supplement your cancer treatment for you and your family members.

Child life

Child life specialists are members of the care team who work to support both pediatric patients and their families, as well as children of adult patients. 

Genetic counseling

The SCCA Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling Service specializes in talking with patients about testing to detect genes that increase cancer risk. 


SCCA offers temporary medical lodging facilities for our patients and families while receiving treatment at SCCA.  We strive to provide access to affordable, peaceful and safe accommodations.

Living tobacco free

SCCA Living Tobacco-Free Services is available to our current patients, their caregivers and their families who want to cut back or quit tobacco use. 


Our dietitians have specialized training and knowledge about nutrition for cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. 

Patient navigators

Patient navigators can help you and your family “navigate” through SCCA and provide community resources at any point. 

Physical therapy

Our physical therapists can help with concerns related to weakness, balance, scar tissue, lymphedema, range of motion and rehabilitation equipment.

Social work

Social workers support established patients and their families, as well as new patients for a pre-arrival consultation before their first appointment.

Spiritual health

Our spiritual health staff provide respectful, spiritual and emotional care to people of all faiths, including those who identify as nonreligious.

Volunteer Services

SCCA is very fortunate to have over 200 caring volunteers providing over 1,600 hours of service annually working with our patients and families. Our dedicated volunteers provide vital practical and social support for our patients and their families in a variety of ways.

Patient and Family Resource Center

Our patient and family resource center provides information and educational materials related to a specific cancer topic, help finding a support group, virtual wig fittings, and notary services.


In addition to our clinics and services, we have other supportive care resources available at SCCA and within the community. 

Indigenous health

Our həliʔil Program focuses working with tribal nations and Indigenous groups to promote lung cancer screening while also identifying the barriers. 

Sexual health

Your care team at SCCA welcomes your questions about intimacy and sexuality throughout treatment and will help you get the support you need. 


Shine, located just south of SCCA Clinic in South Lake Union, offers essential oncology products, customized services and guidance, including certified mastectomy, experienced compression garment fitters with philanthropic shopping opportunities and SCCA logo gear.

Support groups

Support groups are a way to connect with other people going through similar experiences. A support group can help by providing a place to discuss your feelings, share information and talk about coping with cancer.