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Kristine E. Calhoun, MD

Fred Hutch
Associate Professor, Surgery
University of Washington School of Medicine
“I want you to be as satisfied as possible with your surgery results. For each patient, I weigh the cancer cure along with the cosmetic outcome.”
— Dr. Calhoun
Why did you become a breast surgeon?

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after I graduated from medical school. Her surgeon was warm and personable, always keeping me in the loop in addition to taking expert care of my mother. That surgeon opened my eyes to the challenging nature of breast cancer care — the unique combination of interpersonal and technical skill required. Ultimately, the experience shaped the way I relate to patients and their families; good communication is just as important as what happens in the operating room. Being on the other side of the doctor-patient experience has also made me more sensitive to the complicated emotions that come with a breast cancer diagnosis.

What is your role in cancer treatment?

You now have more options than ever before when it comes to the surgical treatment of breast cancer. However, sometimes those options can seem overwhelming: Should I go with a lumpectomy or mastectomy? Do the lymph nodes under my arms need to be removed? What if I don’t want radiation? I’m more than just your surgeon — think of me as your guide to help you choose the approach that is most appropriate for your type of cancer and fits your personal preferences. It’s very important that you fully understand all the options and why I recommend one course of treatment over another, so I encourage you to ask questions every step of the way.

Provider background

Specialty: Surgery

Area of clinical practice

Breast cancers, breast health

Breast cancer

In 2005, following a fellowship in breast surgical oncology at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, I was the first female breast surgeon to join Fred Hutch. Now I serve as the associate director of Fred Hutch’s Breast Health Clinic, where I treat patients with breast cancer and benign breast disease. In addition to publishing several scientific articles about breast cancer diagnosis and management, I have co-chaired the symposium “Challenges in the Management of Breast and Thoracic Malignancies.”

Training the surgeons of tomorrow is also one of my passions. As the director of medical student surgical education for UW Medicine’s Department of Surgery, I oversee the clerkship program, which gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with patients.

Benign Not cancer. Benign tumors may grow larger but do not spread to other parts of the body. Thoracic Having to do with the chest.

Diseases treated

Education, experience and certifications
Undergraduate Degree
University of Washington
Medical Degree
University of Washington School of Medicine
Oregon Health & Science University, General Surgery
John Wayne Cancer Institute, Breast Surgical Oncology
Board Certification
General Surgery, 2005, 2013, American Board of Surgery
Seattle Met's 2022 Top Doctors award

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Seattle magazine's 2021 Top Doctors award

Dr. Calhoun has been recognized as a Top Doctor in this peer-nominated award multiple years in a row.


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