Jennifer M. Specht, MD

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Associate Professor, Division of Oncology
University of Washington School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Clinical Research Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Medical Oncology
“My job is to make you an expert in this field, sharing as much information as you would like so that you feel confident and equipped to manage your journey.”
— Dr. Specht
What do you enjoy about working with patients who have breast cancer?

I feel privileged to spend time with my patients, many of whom do extraordinarily well because we’ve made a lot of advances in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. I continue to be inspired by the young women I care for, who have had their life plans completely altered by a diagnosis and yet who manage the upheaval with grace, strength and dignity. One of the most rewarding parts of my job are the relationships I develop with patients and families over time. I see them as heroes who are truly focused on what’s important in life. 

What do you want patients to know about working with you?

As our scientific understanding of breast cancer advances, treatment options have become increasingly complex. My job is to make you an expert in this field, sharing as much information as you would like so that you feel confident and equipped to manage your journey. I also support participation in well-designed clinical trials to help answer important questions about breast cancer, which ultimately leads to better health and longer lives for patients. 

Provider background

Specialty: Medical Oncology

Breast cancer

I am a board-certified medical oncologist who specializes in caring for patients with all stages of breast cancer. My expertise includes treating women with triple-negative breast cancer, an aggressive form of the disease that does not respond to hormonal medications. At SCCA, I see patients in the Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic and lead the Phase 1 Breast Cancer Program, which tests the safety and efficacy of novel breast cancer therapies.

I am also a clinical trialist; my research interests include breast cancer genetics, immunotherapy and the use of molecular imaging to better understand the biology of breast cancer. Currently, I serve as the primary investigator for the Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium’s (TBCRC) clinical site at the University of Washington. TBCRC is a group of academic institutions that conduct collaborative translational research to discover new treatment strategies for breast cancer. 

Diseases treated

Education, experience and certifications
Undergraduate Degree
University of Washington
Medical Degree
University of Washington School of Medicine
University of Washington, Internal Medicine
University of Washington, Medical Oncology
Board Certification
Medical Oncology, 2004, 2017, American Board of Internal Medicine

Stories and testimonials

'Living my life like I don’t have cancer:' Despite a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, Maria Pearson continues her barrel racing passion
'Living my life like I don’t have cancer:' Despite a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer, Maria Pearson continues her barrel racing passion

In the spring of 2012, Maria Pearson was grooming one of her horses when he tossed his head to dispel flies and knocked Pearson in the chest, causing her left breast to swell up. A few months later, she fell off that same horse, broke her hand and tore her rotator cuff. It was a rough few months, to say the least.

“Dr. Specht is a brilliant, dedicated physician who cares deeply and compassionately about her patients. She is thoughtful, tireless and laser-focused on providing the very best, comprehensive care.”
— Angela Larsh, MSN, ARNP
“I trusted Dr. Specht to guide me through my own experience with breast cancer. She is very caring, thoughtful and has an inherent ability to put people at ease. ”
— Bo Yu, MD, MS


Clinical trials

We make promising new treatments available to you through studies called clinical trials led by SCCA doctors. Many of these trials at SCCA have led to FDA-approved treatments and have improved standards of care globally. Together, you and your doctor can decide if a study is right for you.

Study ID:
Using FDG-PET/CT to Assess Response of Bone-Dominant Metastatic Breast Cancer, FEATURE Study
Complete title
FDG PET to Assess Therapeutic Response in Patients with Bone-dominant Metastatic Breast Cancer, FEATURE
Study ID:
Tucatinib, Trastuzumab, and Capecitabine for the Treatment of HER2+ LMD
Complete title
A Phase II Non-randomized Study to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of the Combination of Tucatinib and Trastuzumab and Capecitabine for Treatment of Leptomeningeal Metastases in HER2 Positive Breast Cancer
Study ID:
A Study of XmAb®23104 in Subjects With Selected Advanced Solid Tumors (DUET-3) (DUET-3)
Complete title
A Phase 1 Multiple-Dose Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of XmAb®23104 in Subjects with Selected Advanced Solid Tumors (DUET-3)


Many of our SCCA physicians conduct ongoing research to improve standards of patient care. Their work is evaluated by other physicians and selected for publication to the United States National Library of Medicine, the largest medical library in the world. See scientific papers this SCCA provider has written.

Your care team

At SCCA, you receive care from a team of providers with extensive experience in your disease. Your team includes doctors, a team coordinator, a registered nurse, an advanced practice provider and others, based on your needs. You also have access to experts like nutritionists, social workers, acupuncturists, psychiatrists and more who specialize in supporting people with cancer or blood disorders.
Annie  Alidina, ARNP
Annie Alidina, ARNP
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Practice Provider
Registered nurse (RN)
Registered nurse (RN)
Your nurse manages your care alongside your physician and assists with care procedures and treatments.
Patient care coordinator
Patient care coordinator
Your patient care coordinator works closely with you and your physician and serves as your scheduler.


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