AnnaLiisa McGlinn, MD

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology Oncology
University of Washington School of Medicine
Radiation Oncology
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“The cancer journey is a profound human experience impacting physical, emotional and spiritual life. The opportunity to function as a guide, helping to treat the cancer in partnership with patients and their families, inspires me. ”
— Dr. McGlinn
Tell us about an interaction with a patient that had a significant impact on you.

I once cared for a woman with lung cancer who was an artist; she made beautiful stained glass. Understandably, she was scared about her diagnosis, but my colleagues and I treated her, and she did very well for several years. Shortly after she passed away, her husband stopped by and gave me an angel figurine. He told me it was the last piece of stained glass that his wife had made and that she wanted me to have it. “You really helped us come closer together. Thank you for all you’ve done,” he said. That angel still hangs in my office. Every time I look at it, I think of her and I’m reminded of why I do this work.

How do you like to work with patients?

No matter where you are in your cancer journey, I can help. From a technical standpoint, I use radiation to cure cancer when possible, provide symptom relief and improve your quality of life. However, I also see myself as a listener and a source of support. During clinic visits, I invite you to talk about the range of emotions that you might be feeling, identify life stressors and consider how your diagnosis is affecting your relationships. Discussing these topics can free up your energy for healing. Here’s one piece of advice I often give that is applicable to everyone: Do something each day that promotes your sense of well-being and inner peace.

Provider background

Specialty: Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology

I am a board-certified radiation oncologist who provides care at SCCA Peninsula, a radiation oncology clinic located in Poulsbo, Washington. I see patients with a variety of diseases, such as breast cancer and lung cancer, among many others. My background includes working at Providence Alaska Medical Center and serving as the medical director of radiation oncology at the Yolanda G. Barco Oncology Institute in Pennsylvania. 

At SCCA, I work with a team of medical professionals to customize a radiation plan for each patient. We use images to target tumors with precision while protecting critical organs and tissue outside the target area. What I love about this practice is the opportunity to provide comfort and inspire others while keeping pace with constantly evolving technology. Above all, I strongly identify with SCCA’s vision of helping patients pursue better, longer and richer lives. 

Community Oncology

Our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality, personalized care closer to home. As part of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, our community oncologists offer patients multidisciplinary tumor board opinions, clinical trails and expertise in treating a variety of cancers.

Education, experience and certifications
Undergraduate Degree
Central Washington University
Medical Degree
St. George's University School of Medicine
University of Southern California Medical Center, Radiation Oncology
Board Certification
Radiation Oncology, 2005, American Board of Radiology
Internship, University of North Dakota


Community sites extend SCCA’s world-class care closer to home
Community sites extend SCCA’s world-class care closer to home

SCCA's main campus offers advanced, leading-edge cancer care, but patients and caregivers outside Seattle may find access to our community sites reduce the burden of travel. Our established community sites across the Puget Sound region offer SCCA's world-class care closer to where patients live.  Providers and patients can expect seamless coordination with our South Lake Union campus when patients need more extensive treatment. 


Clinical trials

We make promising new treatments available to you through studies called clinical trials led by SCCA doctors. Many of these trials at SCCA have led to FDA-approved treatments and have improved standards of care globally. Together, you and your doctor can decide if a study is right for you.

Your care team

At SCCA, you receive care from a team of providers with extensive experience in your disease. Your team includes doctors, a team coordinator, a registered nurse, an advanced practice provider and others, based on your needs. You also have access to experts like nutritionists, social workers, acupuncturists, psychiatrists and more who specialize in supporting people with cancer or blood disorders.
Registered nurse (RN)
Registered nurse (RN)
Your nurse manages your care alongside your physician and assists with care procedures and treatments.
Patient care coordinator
Patient care coordinator
Your patient care coordinator works closely with you and your physician and serves as your scheduler.


SCCA accepts most national private health insurance plans as well as Medicare. We also accept Medicaid for people from Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. We are working to ensure that everyone, no matter what their financial situation, has access to the care they need.

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