Privacy Policy

At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), we take privacy of our patients' healthcare information seriously. As of April 14, 2003, new federal regulations have gone into effect improving the privacy and protection of patient healthcare information. These regulations are part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 - commonly called HIPAA.

SCCA fully supports the new HIPAA regulations. Because the state of Washington already has strict laws in place that protect patient healthcare information, HIPAA will not present many noticeable changes to our operations from a patient perspective.

Patient rights and our responsibilities in regards to their healthcare information are contained in a document titled the Notice of Privacy Practices (link to PDF version below). When patients arrive at SCCA for an appointment, they will be provided a copy of this document. We feel that this is important information for our patients to be aware of and are pleased to make it available to them. There is a one-page summary, followed by the complete text.

If you have any questions or concerns about patient privacy, please contact SCCA’s Corporate Integrity Office’s Privacy Officer at (206) 606-7154 or  Additionally, you may contact our SCCA Integrity Hotline at (866) 353-6098 or

Notice of Privacy Practices, updated November 2020 (PDF)