Patients & Caregivers


The pharmacy is located on the fifth floor of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) outpatient clinic on Lake Union.

fax (206) 606-1380

What to expect

We are open 365 days a year, including holidays. Our hours are Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, weekends and holidays: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The retail pharmacy is closed from 12:00 to 1:00 pm for lunch on weekends and holidays.

Your health care team will send us a prescription before you arrive or you can drop it off at our window. Filling a prescription may involve a wait of 30 minutes on average. We take multiple checks along the way to ensure you receive the right medication and dosage.

Paying for prescriptions

All prescriptions must be paid for at pick-up. The pharmacy accepts cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.

If you have an insurance card, you will be asked to present it at your first visit to the pharmacy or if there have been changes in your coverage. You may be asked for a co-payment, which varies based on your insurance plan.

To find out whether your insurance company contracts with SCCA and what percentage of your medication will be covered, call your insurance company or contact a Pharmacy Billing Specialist at (206) 606-7638.

Most Medicare Part D Prescription Plans contract with the SCCA pharmacy. Some medications will be covered under Medicare Part B. If you have Medicare coverage, be aware of your “Coverage Gap” (Doughnut Hole). For more information, search for “Publication #11213” on

Your insurance company may require that it authorize certain medications before covering them. In those cases, we will coordinate with your doctor and your insurance company. Pre-authorization can take up to two business days to process.

If you have Medicaid/DSHS or a Medicaid Managed care plan you will not be able to pay for prescriptions out of pocket while an authorization is pending.

Financial assistance

Free medication or help paying for it may be available through the medication manufacturer or a charitable foundation. See our financial assistance resource list or contact the SCCA Pharmacy Billing Specialist at (206) 606-2560 for this type of assistance.

Patients without insurance or with limited coverage may qualify for financial assistance through SCCA or public programs such as Medicaid. Patients who have Medicaid coverage should be aware if they are on a plan with a “Spend Down.” This will affect your pharmacy benefits. If you are unsure of your Medicaid status please schedule an appointment with a financial counselor, or contact one directly at (206) 606-6226 or toll free at 1 (800) 304-1763, option 3.