Health care professionals

Alliance Laboratory

The Alliance Lab provides phlebotomy, sample processing, clinical laboratory diagnostics, and sample referral services to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. The Alliance Lab collects specimens for and obtains blood components for transfusion from the Puget Sound Blood Center. 

Phlebotomy services are provided to SCCA patients in the Alliance Lab blood draw area.  Blood samples are obtained by peripheral vein phlebotomy or via centrally inserted venous catheter or peripherally inserted central catheter.  Alliance Lab LPN’s place IV’s ordered by physicians for patients undergoing both blood draw and radiological exams on same day appointments at SCCA.  Alliance Lab also provides an LPN to Radiology for IV placement and phlebotomy. The Alliance Lab also provides technician assistance for bone marrow aspirate specimen collection procedures.

The Alliance Lab is the distribution center for samples with requests for diagnostic tests not performed there.  Samples are prepared for transport and sent to the various referral labs including Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center , UW Medicine, and Seattle Children’s. The Alliance Lab also stores and distributes blood components for transfusion as requested.

The Alliance Lab performs hematology tests including CBCs and differentials; chemistry tests including electrolytes, proteins, and enzymes; coagulation tests; urinalysis; and blood gas analysis.