It is important to receive care at a specialized center with expertise in treating your specific type of leukemia.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) experts offer comprehensive leukemia care, including advanced treatments and new options available only through clinical studies.

A diagnosis of cancer can feel overwhelming. We have an experienced, compassionate team ready to help. 

Leukemia expertise at SCCA

Precise diagnosis of your specific leukemia

For the best results, it’s essential to identify the exact characteristics of your disease. Even within one type of leukemia, there may be so many possible chromosomal abnormalities that the condition is really a group of related diseases, not a single disease.

Deep knowledge of complex treatment choices

Acute leukemias require complicated, intensive treatment protocols. Chronic leukemias may require care indefinitely. SCCA doctors have the latest knowledge about your particular condition, the best treatment strategies and methods to monitor your response.

Leukemia research to advance treatment

Our specialists are not only familiar with the latest leukemia research, they often lead this research themselves. Better scientific understanding of the chromosomal and molecular details is improving our ability to target therapies to you.

Team-based approach

Your personal team includes an oncologist who specializes in leukemia, nurse case manager and team coordinator. Additional experts who specialize in treating people with cancer will be involved if you need them — experts like an infectious disease doctor, pulmonologist, palliative care professional, geneticist, social worker, physical therapist or dietitian.

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Ongoing care and support

During and after treatment, your team continues to provide follow-up care on a schedule tailored to you. The SCCA Survivorship Clinic is also here to help you live your healthiest life.

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