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The DAISY Award

The DAISY Award honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day, wherever they practice, in whatever role they serve and throughout their careers. The DAISY Award was created in honor of Patrick J. Barnes, who received treatment here at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), and was so moved by the care of our exceptional nurses, the DAISY Foundation was formed. The DAISY Award is now celebrated all over the country, in partnership with over 4,500 healthcare facilities to provide ongoing recognition of the clinical skill and especially the compassion nurses provide to patients and families all year long.

Nominate your nurse

To nominate a nurse for the DAISY Award, the DAISY Nurse Leader Award, or a team for the DAISY Team Award, please fill out the DAISY Nomination web Form or the DAISY Nomination PDF Form and submit form to


About the DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses

Who is eligible for the DAISY Award?

Any nurse (RN) who is in good-standing with their healthcare organization is eligible for a DAISY.

Who may nominate a nurse?

Anyone in the organization may submit a nomination - patients, family members, co-workers, physicians, staff - anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse. 

How is a nurse chosen to receive the DAISY Award?

At the SCCA, the DAISY Committee is compromised of one nursing supervisor for each nursing department. This Committee normally convenes once every quarter to vote on the nominations. The nominations are made anonymous prior to voting, so that the gender and name of the nominee is unknown to the Committee members. Likewise, the Committee members are not informed of who voted for which candidate. The program is facilitated by the DAISY Coordinator within Clinical Operations.

2020 DAISY Award recipients

Katie Swartz, RN
Katie Swartz, RN

"Katie is kind, compassionate, patient, funny, and wicked smart. She excels at triage, is always asking how she can help, never backs down from a challenge, and makes the lives of our patients (and the rest of us) better with every interaction with her. Her unflagging enthusiasm and cheerful, warm spirit puts a smile on everyone's face, even on the toughest days. I am so glad I get to work with Katie!"

Hannah Huebner, RN, OCN
Hannah Huebner, RN, OCN

"Ms. Huebner has demonstrated compassion, willing to explain the medical procedures and has listened with empathy. When problems happened, she was instrumental in making changes. For 34 years, I have worked with nurses in a professional capacity and longer as a consumer of health care. Ms. Huebner stands out for her empathy, patient care and excellence."