About us

Our mission and values

Together, every employee of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) plays a unique role in helping SCCA live up to our purpose:

  • To provide state-of-the-art, patient and family-centered care
  • To support cancer clinical research and education
  • To enhance access to improved cancer interventions and advance the standard of cancer care, regionally and beyond.

If each of us does our part in advancing these commitments, we will ensure that the vision of SCCA is achievable:

Lead the world in translating scientific discovery into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of cancer so that our patients can live longer, healthier lives.

SCCA Full Values Statement (PDF)

Our values

Our collective success hinges on each of us conducting ourselves in accord with a set of values — operating principles — in everything we do. Together.


Everything we do must be linked to our ability to deliver better, safer outcomes for our patients. Nothing is more important, and any choice that could lead us astray from that focus is no choice at all. We approach everything we do with compassion, conviction, and a constant striving because we know how profoundly important our work is to the lives of the patients we serve.


The existence of SCCA is the result of a truly innovative approach to fighting cancer. Each of us—regardless of the role we play—is here because we have the chance to push the boundaries of conventional wisdom in that fight. We will nurture an environment that fosters unconventional thinking, a passion for discovery, and the open-mindedness to invite discovery from unexpected places.


Our diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences offers us the ability to meet the widely varied needs of the community of patients we serve. Each person and every job at SCCA plays a role in the safety and care of our patients. We are deeply respectful of our patients, their families, and each of our colleagues who serve them in so many different and important ways.


Our ability to be better together hinges on cultivating a culture of teamwork that is not only unusual, but unprecedented. Not just among the many different people of SCCA, but with our patients and caregivers as well. We understand that asking for and offering help in how to do better is not just a right, but among our most important responsibilities.


We cannot just be comfortable with change; we must embrace it as proof that we are making progress. The speed of our progress is entirely linked to how well we integrate new insights into our research, our teaching, and our clinical work. We will be known for our ability to adopt new approaches and practices, because our patients come to us for the most advanced care available.


Our work affects many dimensions of our patients’ lives. While our focus is on their health and safety, we are conscious of the impact cancer care can have on people’s emotional well-being, financial security, and the environment we all share. Because our work is centered on people’s well-being, we approach it with the highest level of ethical, fiduciary, and environmental responsibility.