South Lake Union Clinic

South Lake Union clinic expansion

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is expanding its South Lake Union Clinic to better serve patients and their families while enhancing the way cancer is treated. More information will be provided here as the project progresses.

New construction timeline

The timeline below outlines milestones of the clinic expansion project.

New construction timeline

Frequently asked questions

What is the Clinic Expansion Project?

The Clinic Expansion Project is an expansion of our existing outpatient clinic services in South Lake Union, Seattle that will allow  Fred Hutch to grow to continue to provide life-saving treatment for our patients and to continue to expand the services we offer to the community. 

Will there be any new services in the expansion?

We are excited to provide expanded access to clinics, including treatment, by designing 3 new floors to support our “care neighborhood” clinic footprint. Each care neighborhood consists of about 10 “flex rooms” that are used for most patient care activities, including drawing labs, having clinic visits, education visits, and treatments. This design will help reduce the overall time, including waiting, a patient may spend in the building. The new building can accommodate up to 9 of these care neighborhoods when fully built out. 

Additionally, we will be expanding and relocating our existing procedure suite to the new building with an improved experience and additional suites. Some medical imaging activities will also relocate to the new building. 

Imaging In medicine, a process that makes pictures of areas inside the body. Imaging uses methods such as X-rays (high-energy radiation), ultrasound (high-energy sound waves) and radio waves.
How big will the new building be?

The design of the building includes 6 stories of above ground outpatient clinic. The new clinic, excluding parking structures, will add approximately 150,000 square feet so Fred Hutch’s clinical footprint in South Lake Union. For reference, our existing clinic is approximately 210,000 SF. A fully automated parking garage structure will provide an additional 190 parking stalls below ground. The new expansion will also connect to the existing building on Level 1, providing easy access between both buildings. 

Are there any new features or accommodations to highlight?

Designing and building this new expansion has provided an exciting opportunity to explore new innovations for how we provide care and treatment at Fred Hutch. In additional to our new care neighborhood footprint, there are several other exciting elements to the project.

Our clinical floors are being designed around an improved patient and family experience. In addition to reducing wait times, we can build in new features, such as respite areas or open spaces that may be limited in our existing facility. We are also planning a new café to provide another food and coffee option to compliment the Red Brick Bistro in our existing space.

One of the most exciting features is the first-in-healthcare in the U.S. fully automated parking garage. This parking garage will offer consistent and easy access to parking for patients and eliminates the need in this building for a separate passenger elevator system. The automated parking garage will include a valet drop-off experience and can accommodate most large vehicles. Patients may still choose to use valet or self-park in the existing garage, as well. 

When will construction be completed?

Construction started in July 2020 and is expected to be completed in Winter 2023, with an anticipation of seeing patients in the first part of calendar year 2023, subject to all applicable permits.

What kinds of construction impacts can we expect?

Since the new facility will be immediately adjacent to our existing clinic, there will be some temporary disruptions to traffic and parking, at times. We are working to minimize construction impacts and are working closely with our construction partners to ensure patient, family and staff safety.

Exterior rendering

Exterior rendering