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Our patients' health and safety are our top priorities. We have thorough safety measures in place to protect you, your caregivers and our staff. COVID-19 information for patients

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Faces of Fred Hutch

Faces of Fred Hutch

The more closely care and discovery work together, the faster we'll find cures. That's the vision behind the recent merger that united the former Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, creating Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.  

We're highlighting collaborations between researchers and physicians that illustrate how the many experts here are working in real time to provide more options and better outcomes for our patients while accelerating discoveries that prevent, treat and defeat cancer and infectious diseases.

Our relationship with UW Medicine

Connected Care

Fred Hutch is an independent, nonprofit organization that also serves as the cancer program for UW Medicine. This relationship allows for enhanced care coordination with one of the world’s leading integrated health systems. Together, Fred Hutch and UW Medicine are a powerful team for adults facing cancer.

UW Medicine

Our expertise

Specialized providers

Our physicians are leading experts in their field, seeing patients with your specific cancer or disease day in and out. Many are involved in promising research that advances treatment options.

Clinical trials

We offer more groundbreaking clinical trials than any other medical center in the Northwest. With more than 400 active trials, we provide new hope for our patients every day.


Our providers specialize in a wide array of cancers for both common and very rare diseases, providing diagnostic services, treatment and follow-up care tailored to your specific needs.

Supportive care

We value care beyond your cancer treatment. From nutrition to physical therapy and psychiatry to integrative medicine, our specialists are here when you need them – before, during or after treatment. 

Preventative care

Preventative care

The best way to treat cancer is to identify it early or before it starts. From discussing hereditary cancer risks to providing screenings, we offer specialized programs dedicated to the risk assessment, prevention and early detection of cancer. 

Welcome to MyChart

Welcome to MyChart

It’s important for our patients to be connected to resources and have access to their care team in one convenient portal. With our patient portal, MyChart, patients can communicate with their care team, view their medical records, request an appointment and have access to other resources.

Featured news

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Tapped to be a blood stem cell donor, Abbie Hecker finds new meaning in her work as a blood and marrow transplant provider
Tapped to be a blood stem cell donor, Abbie Hecker finds new meaning in her work as a blood and marrow transplant provider

It might strike some people as strange to ask for time off a week before starting a new job, but Abbie Hecker, newly hired to work on the blood and marrow transplant unit at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, felt fairly confident that her new supervisor would understand. 

US News & World Report Best Cancer Hospital
“Being a physician means not only treating the disease, but supporting my patients’ strength, hope and recovery.”