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Our patients' health and safety are our top priorities. We have thorough safety measures in place to protect you, your caregivers and our staff. Please visit our vaccine page for important updates about vaccine availability and scheduling. 

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Our expertise

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Supportive care

At SCCA, we provide care beyond cancer treatment. With supportive care services from nutrition to physical therapy and psychiatry to integrative medicine, we have specialists who are here when you and your family need them – before, during or after treatment. 

Specialized providers

Our physicians are leading experts in their field, seeing patients with your specific cancer or disease day in and out. Many are involved in promising research that advances treatment options. 

Clinical trials

We offer more groundbreaking clinical trials than any other medical center in the Northwest. With more than 300 active trials, we provide new hope for our patients every day. 

Personalized treatment

A multi-disciplinary team of specialists work together to create a comprehensive and integrated care plan for you. You are also part of the team and they will listen to your needs and goals. 

Care at SCCA

Whether it is before, during or after your treatment, we have services and support for you and your family no matter what stage you are in. 

Personal experiences

Read stories about our patients, their caregivers and providers. 

For women of color, a new line of wigs aims to make cancer-related hair loss less traumatic

One of the most traumatic side effects of undergoing cancer treatment is hair loss. The emotional wallop can be particularly acute for women, for whom hair is often intertwined with body image. 

Diagnosed with a rare adrenal tumor, Whitney Wynn beats the odds

Whitney Wynn had experienced strange symptoms for years, but her primary care physicians didn’t suspect cancer. Her recurrent yeast infections were dismissed as “just women’s problems” although they were later attributed to the high levels of cortisol being secreted by her tumor. 

Transplanted as a child 20 years ago, patient’s recovery from leukemia parallels SCCA’s history

It’s understandable that Alyson Looney doesn’t remember the worst time of her life. After all, she was just 8 months old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Twenty years later, her mother, Leanne Looney, still gets emotional thinking about what Alyson endured: months of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant at Seattle Children’s Hospital under the care of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) physicians.

For some patients with pancreatic cancer, a newly introduced procedure at SCCA provides hope

When John Nowoj was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer in August 2019, he was told the cancer was inoperable. Nowoj, 57, began pursuing his only treatment option: chemotherapy to be followed by radiation, which could shrink but not eradicate the tumor. Then an unexpected development completely changed the outlook.

Featured news

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Welcome to MyChart

MyChart is SCCA's new patient portal, as of March 27. Patients will have access to communicate with their care team, view their medical records and other resources.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Stands with Black Lives Matter; Commits to Addressing Institutional and Systemic Racism in Health and Cancer Care

The King County Board of Health recently passed a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis. SCCA is committed to doing the work required to addressing institutional and systemic racism in health and cancer care.

From out of the blue comes a better bladder-cancer detector

UW Medicine urologists with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) possess a mechanism that makes the tumors glow bright pink – all the better to see them.

US News & World Report Best Hospital

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a nationally ranked hospital with top-ranked specialists by U.S. News & World Report.
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