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Sarcoma Program at SCCA

Sarcoma Program at SCCA

Drs. Robin Jones and Darin Davidson discuss the sarcoma program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Dr. Davidson explains that sarcoma affect connective tissue such as bone, muscle, fat, blood vessels and nerves. Dr. Jones says that there are about 70 known sub-types of sarcoma with their own clinical behavior, biology and response to systemic treatment. He explains how a team of doctors at SCCA review the pathology and radiology of each patient to formulate individualized treatment plans.

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Sarcoma Survivor Rebecca Greenway

Sarcoma survivor Rebecca Greenway, was originally told she had a benign growth. Upon waking up from surgery to remove the growth, she learned that it was malignant. Rebecca shares her memory of that day and the emotions she felt as a 17 year old. At Children's Hospital, she found an extended family in the doctors and nurses. After surgery and a total of 12 months of chemotherapy, Rebecca is now cancer free.