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Prostate Cancer Treatment at SCCA

Prostate Cancer Treatment at SCCA

The best options for prostate cancer treatment in the United States can be found at SCCA. The physicians and researchers focus on one area, helping them to know everything about that disease and how treatments can be personalized. The SCCA prostate program is multidisciplinary and combined expertise on both the clinical and research sides create multiple areas of insight for every patient. More options increase the likelihood to prolong and create a better quality of life. Evidence is clear that it matters where you get your treatment, that survival is based on the provider. SCCA sets the standard care for the nation, and is a step ahead of what community cancer centers or physicians can offer in terms of insight, experience, education, and novel treatments.

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A Place for the PSA Test

Dr. Daniel Lin, Chief of Urologic Oncology, discusses the recent controversy about PSA screening for colon cancer, following negative recommendations by the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF). Dr. Lin feels it was a premature recommendation to stop PSA screening, but rather should have called for no automatic or routine PSA screening in every man. He believes the decision should be made on an individual basis between a man and his doctor, based on his personal situation and risk factors. Dr. Lin does recognize points in the USPSTS study that have merit, including the concern of over treating men with low-grade or slow-growing tumors. He feels it is important to unlink diagnosis with treatment, and learn to screen smarter such as with less frequency, by developing new biomarkers and embracing active surveillance over treatment in about half of the cases. Dr. Lin also discusses some of the issues with the two major screening trials that he feels skewed the results.

Dr. Bruce Dalkin

Dr. Bruce Dalkin Describes the Importance of Selecting the Right Treatment Center for Prostate Cancer Dr. Bruce Dalkin is a urologic oncologist with 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of bladder and prostate cancer. In this video he discusses how where you get your cancer treatment does matter. When considering radiation technology, surgery or even treatment for cancer spread, survival is based on the provider. SCCA has nearly 15 physicians focused on treating prostate cancer , which makes it a unique place.

Dr. Celestia Higano

Dr. Celestia Higano is a medical oncologist who specializes in treating prostate cancer. In this video, she discusses why SCCA is one of the top facilities in the country for treating prostate cancer. This is demonstrated by SCCA's selection to the Department of Defense prostate clinical trials consortium. SCCA is also one of 11 institutions that have a SPORE (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) grant in prostate cancer.

Dr. Robert Bruce Montgomery

Dr. Bruce Montgomery is clinical director of genitourinary medical oncology, carrying out research and seeing men and women with genitourinary cancers at SCCA/UWMC. In this video, Dr. Montgomery describes his approach to treating men with prostate cancer, which is to make sure that the man he's talking to knows as much about his disease as possible, so that together they can come to a decision on a treatment plan.