25 Ways to Prevent Cancer

Patient Support Services

Patient Support Services

Getting good cancer treatment is not just about getting the right drug. It is about patient support services, including pastoral care, social work, child life, nutritionists and even classes such as yoga and knitting. Listen to doctors and staff at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance tell about the services available to patients and their families to improve their treatment experience. It's the little things that make the difference when providing better care.

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Dr. Jesse Fann

Dr. Jesse Fann is a psychiatrist and the Director of the Psychiatry and Psychology Service at SCCA. In this video, Dr. Fann talks about how a the diagnosis and treatment of cancer can lead to significant stress, which can be very overwhelming and lead to symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety and depression. The Psychiatry and Psychology services at SCCA strive to help patients get through treatment as smoothly as possible and get back to doing what they want to do. SCCA addresses the emotional, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs during cancer treatment. Our goal is to help patients continue with their lives during treatment. Our patients enjoy state of the art psychosocial care that is truly integrated into their oncology care. The SCCA provides the best treatment options and the best outcomes for cancer treatment along with comprehensive and compassionate care for the body, mind and spirit.