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Amifostine for Multiple Myeloma with Dr. William Bensinger

Dr. William Bensinger shares the results of a clinical study that was presented at the 54th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. For some time, Dr. Bensinger has been interested in the use of amifostine, a drug which has been around for over 35 years and has been used to help protect patients from the toxicity of various treatments. Dr. Bensinger wanted to find out if amifostine could help protect patients from the toxicity of higher-dose melphalan treatments. The study found that who took amfostine were able to tolerate the higher doses of melphalan and also experience a higher response rate than those who took just the standard dose of melphalan.

ASH 2012 Multiple Myeloma Update with Dr. William Bensinger

In this interview from the 2012 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, Dr. William Bensinger discusses the drug combination of Carfilzomib, Pomalidomide, and Dexamethasone. He explains the history and use of these drugs and how they were used in a phase one trial. The study gives patients less toxic therapy, a combination of more powerful medicines, and new hope. Learn more about this combination therapy for multiple myeloma.

Treating Multiple Myeloma with Bisphosphonates

In this video from our ""Living Well With Multiple Myeloma"" event held at SCCA in November 2011, Dr. Noopur Raje discusses treating myeloma with bisphosphonates with Andrew Schorr from Patient Power. Dr. Noopur Raje advocates the use of bisphosphonates in treating symptomatic myeloma, and explains how they work on the accessory cells which surround myeloma cells. She discusses the side effects related to the toxicities of bisphosphonates such as osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). Current guidelines suggest bisphosphonates treatment for up to two years. Dr. Raje will be releasing data from a recent study supporting reducing the frequency of bisphosphonates treatments to every three months.

Treating Multiple Myeloma with Immunotherapy

Is there any research about treating myeloma with immunotherapy? In this video from our ""Living Well With Multiple Myeloma"" event held at SCCA in November 2011, Dr. William Bensinger of SCCA discusses the eradication of chronic lymphocytic leukemia with adoptive T cell therapy. The effects of this treatment against multiple myeloma are currently being studied. Dr. Noopur Raje describes how adoptive t-cell therapy increases T cells and NK (natural killer) cells over time, which fight tumor cells. It ""wakes up"" your immune system and teaches it to fight against myeloma.