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Dr. James Park

Dr. James Park

Dr. James Park is a surgical oncologist at the University of Washington Medical Center who works with the pancreas cancer care team at SCCA and the liver tumor clinic at UW Medical Center. In this video, Dr. Park describes what he sees as the two components of the Pancreatic Cancer Specialty Clinic at SCCA. The first is the multi-disciplinary clinic that is run by the collaborative effort of the medical, radiation and surgical oncologists. The second component is where we bring together researchers, physician scientists and those working on translational scientific projects together to try to develop a cure for pancreas cancer. Traditional treatment plans will not produce better outcomes until we can develop better treatment modalities through research. With each case we treat we learn more about this disease which we hope will lead to cures for pancreas cancer.

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Dr. Sunil Hingorani

Dr. Sunil Hingorani runs a translational research program dedicated to uncovering mechanisms of pancreas cancer formation and developing new early detection and treatment strategies. In this video, Dr. Hingorani discusses his motivation for researching pancreas cancer as well as some of the challenges pancreas cancer presents. Pancreas cancer has a tendency to spread early in the course of progression. The result is complications that tend to happen more often than in other types of cancer. Optimal treatment for pancreas cancer involves multiple types of therapies and specialties. SCCA brings the patient and all the specialists into one room at the same time to develop a comprehensive care plan. The SCCA is currently developing new kinds of therapies for cancers that are resistant to existing therapies. At the SCCA, we don?t just treat a disease, we treat people.