25 Ways to Prevent Cancer

Dr. Eduardo Mendez

Dr. Eduardo Mendez

Dr. Eduardo Mendez is an expert in the surgical treatment of head and neck cancers, including minimally invasive robotic surgery of transoral cancers. In this video, he discusses how Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a referral center for 5 states in the Pacific Northwest and how SCCA's oncology teams have established high expertise on difficult cases that present in the region. He also discusses how minimally invasive surgery allows surgeons at SCCA to access head and neck tumors that would otherwise be inaccessible using common techniques. This means that patients can expect to retain speech and swallowing functions.

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Dr. Renato Martins

Dr. Renato Martins is the medical director for thoracic/head and neck oncology as well as outpatient general oncology and hematology at SCCA. In this video, Dr. Martins discusses making cancer a more manageable chronic disease. The best chance to cure someone is with the initial treatment. Once the disease has returned, a cure is less likely. Where a patient gets their initial treatment is key to their ultimate outcome. Patients that may be considered inoperable elsewhere, maybe considered operable here at SCCA. SCCA's experience and research is resulting in therapies and treatments that are available today at SCCA and that will only be available at other centers in the future. These advances make our objective of turning cancer into a chronic disease so that patients can be treated and still enjoy a high quality of life.