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Breast Cancer Screening with Dr. Julie Gralow

Breast Cancer Screening with Dr. Julie Gralow

Annual Mammograms for Breast Cancer Screening Mammography is the best screening tool available for detecting breast cancer at its most curable stages. The value of early detection is well known but the percentage of women receiving annual mammograms is declining in recent years. There are several reasons behind the decline; fear, confusion and lack of health insurance. SCCA is working hard to reverse the trend by providing greater mammography information and access to women of all income levels.

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Dr. Julie Gralow

Dr. Julie Gralow is a medical oncologist who specializes in treating women with breast cancer. In this video she describes SCCA's approach to patient care. According to Dr. Gralow, SCCA understands that you can?t treat patients without taking the time. Because we have so much to offer in terms of education, research and the best clinical tools, we are able to give the patient everything she needs. Patients that seek us out really want to be an active participant in their care and we strive to make them a full-time member of the team. We also want to be there to care for the whole family. You need your whole team behind you and that includes your family support team. We understand that each patient is variable and comes with her own unique background and genetics. We take all her life circumstances, genetics and genetics of the tumor and create an individualized treatment plan that is more specific and less toxic for our patients.

T-DM1 for Breast Cancer

Using T-DM1 for treating HER2-positive Breast Cancer Dr. Julie Gralow discusses newly approved drug T-DM1 and what this means for women living with HER2-positive breast cancer and other breast cancers. This exciting new category of breast cancer drug is an antibody that delivers chemo directly to the cancer cell, leaving the bulk of the body free of exposure to unnecessary chemotherapy. For the 20-25% of breast cancer patients with HER2-positive breast cancer and HER-2 express breast cancer this drug is significantly less toxic on the body. Side effects include a small chance of heart toxicity and a possible decrease in platelets. However, in general the side effects are markedly less than standard chemotherapy treatment with less reports of fatigue, no hair loss and no nausea and vomiting.

Breast Cancer: ASCO 2012

Patient Power discusses breast cancer treatments that are making news at ASCO 2012 with Dr. Julie Gralow