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Breast Cancer Screening with Dr. Constance Lehman

Breast Cancer Screening with Dr. Constance Lehman
How New Digital Mammogram Technology Helps Save Lives Studies have shown that we can actually find breast cancer better using digital technology than with film in certain groups of women, such as younger women and women with dense breast tissue. However if a woman doesn't have easy access to digital technology it's still important to get an mammogram once you have reached 40 years of age.

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Dr. Constance Lehman

Dr. Constance Lehman is the director of imaging at SCCA. In this video she encourages early detection of breast cancer using mammograms. One thing we know is that if we can detect breast cancer early, we can cure it. This is done through aggressive screening using mammography. The challenge we face at SCCA is education and getting every woman to screen for early detection. We have a mobile program in the community and our combined screening and diagnostic mammography program at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Every mammogram is digitally performed by an expert technologist and interpreted by an expert radiologist. Early detection is the key to successfully curing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Screening with Dr. Larissa Korde

Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Screening Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in women. Knowing your risk factors and getting screened early gives you a better chance for a cure. Age and family history are the two best indicators for risk of breast cancer that cannot be changed. Having a number of family members with breast cancer is also an indicator of genetically inherited types of breast cancer. The top 3 things that influence breast cancer risk that can be changed are diet, weight and physical activity.