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Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

Radiation therapy plays an important role in curing breast cancer. It is used to sterilize the breast and surrounding tissues by eradicating any residual cancer cells left behind after complete surgery or chemotherapy. Dr. Janice Kim discusses radiation treatment including common side effects and the rate of recurrences.

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Radiation Treatment with Calypso

Dr. Janice Kim, Radiation Oncologist, discusses the Calypso Localization Program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Calypso is a technique that allows radiation oncologists to more effectively deliver radiation treatment while reducing exposure to secondary organs, such as the heart.

Dr. Janice Kim

Dr. Janice Kim is a radiation oncologist who specializes in treating breast cancer. In this video she discusses radiation treatment at SCCA. We know from studies that after surgery there are microscopic cells left behind. Radiation eradicates those cells and reduces the risk of reoccurrence. Our treatment process is designed to be effective and still have minimal impact to the patient. Most of our patients maintain active lifestyles throughout their treatment. The SCCA multi disciplinary approach means that all your treatments are done at one facility making treatment much more convenient for our patients. We take a group approach to reviewing all patient pathology and imaging. The patient team reviews each case weekly to coordinate findings and treatment efforts. Having our entire team under one roof streamlines communication with the team and patient.