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Breast Cancer Program

Breast Cancer Program

This video provides an overview of the Breast Cancer Program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. The clinicians at SCCA are specialists that focus only on breast cancer, and are teachers and researchers that often have access to new drugs and regimens not available in other programs. They work as a team in a multidisciplinary way, with input from surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, geneticists and plastic surgeons, to provide the best treatment recommendations for each patient.

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Breast Cancer Care Team

In this video, Dr. VK Gadi describes the five core disciplines involved in managing breast cancer. In general, there are two doctors that you don't meet very often: they are the "what is it?" and "where is it?" doctors--your pathologist and radiologist. And then there are the "doing doctors." The two that go together, the surgeon and the radiation therapist are responsible for the breast and lymph nodes to make sure that whatever disease was once there is completely annihilated by either removing it (by surgery) or zapping it (by radiation). And finally there's the medical oncologist who comes in to eliminate whatever stray cancer cells that may have found their way to other parts of the body.

Dr. Julie Gralow

Dr. Julie Gralow is a medical oncologist who specializes in treating women with breast cancer. In this video she describes SCCA's approach to patient care. According to Dr. Gralow, SCCA understands that you can?t treat patients without taking the time. Because we have so much to offer in terms of education, research and the best clinical tools, we are able to give the patient everything she needs. Patients that seek us out really want to be an active participant in their care and we strive to make them a full-time member of the team. We also want to be there to care for the whole family. You need your whole team behind you and that includes your family support team. We understand that each patient is variable and comes with her own unique background and genetics. We take all her life circumstances, genetics and genetics of the tumor and create an individualized treatment plan that is more specific and less toxic for our patients.

Dr. David Byrd

Dr. David Byrd is a UW professor of surgery, the section chief of surgical oncology. In this video, he talks about how he focuses on the patient. Dr. Byrd understands the impact on patient lives when given a cancer diagnosis. Everything at SCCA has the patient in mind. From the moment a patient walks into the building, SCCA's treatment teams are there to support patient goals, including follow up plans and survivorship plans. SCCA personalizes treatment plans by taking what is known at an evidence-based level and tailoring it to patient goals.

Dr. V.K. Gadi

Dr. Gadi is a medical oncologist who specializes in caring for women with breast cancer. In this video, Dr. Gadi outlines some of the qualities that makes SCCA unique. The true value at SCCA is research. We integrate new ideas and new ways of thinking about old problems and build on old tools to come up with better outcomes for our patients. To make meaningful impacts on cancer treatment, scientists and physicians are needed. SCCA provides a level of cooperation between researchers and physicians taking care of patients that's not possible at a lot of places. Our multi-disciplinary approach means that all doctors and physicians involved in patient treatment meet to discuss every case and then meet with the patient on that same day.