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The Fred Hutchinson Long-Term Follow-Up (LTFU) Program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) provides clinical care and conducts research.

Clinical Services

After you return home, LTFU nurses and doctors are available for telephone consultations with your local doctor, as well as discussions with you and your family members about post-transplant concerns. Your phone inquiry will be handled by a nurse with expertise in post-transplantation care, working with a doctor who regularly reviews transplant cases. 

For some types of problems, you may need to return to the LTFU Clinic at SCCA at south Lake Union for specialized care, such as treatment for graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). If you have received an allogeneic (donor) transplant, you are asked to return at your one-year transplant anniversary for special testing to review your progress. Meet our staff.  

We also have information to guide physicians caring for transplant recipients after their return home.


After returning home following a transplant, you become part of our Long-Term Follow-Up Research Program. This is a life-long program of monitoring that continues for as long as you want to participate.

You and your doctors will be asked to complete a questionnaire at six months, one year, and each year after your transplant. Collecting data from you and your doctors, even decades after treatment, allows LTFU researchers to learn about the long-term effects of transplantation. This helps us determine the best course of preventive care or treatment for current as well as future patients. We encourage you—even if you are not having post-transplant problems--to participate so our research is more accurate and informative.

You also may be interested in learning about or participating in SCCA clinical studies to improve management of the after effects of cancer treatment and lower risk of future cancers.