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Each quarter,  The Leading Edge newsletter highlights new topics to give our referring physicians the latest news on leading-edge therapies that SCCA physicians are offering.

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Issue 18

Date: July 02, 2010

In this issue of The Leading Edge we're announcing a new clinical trials database that lists all of the clinical trials currently open at SCCA. Topics covered also include the Survivorship Program – Good for your patients and open to all cancer survivors regardless of where they received their original treatment; New trials leading to better treatments, featuring several new clinical trials open at SCCA for newly diagnosed and relapsed patients with AML, Melanoma, and gliomas; as well as a dedicated team is best practice for treating pancreas cancer. A new linear accelerator at SCCA provides more targeted radiation therapy to treat solid tumors.

Issue 17

Date: February 01, 2010

In this issue of The Leading Edge, get the latest information on a triple-negative breast cancer trial, minimally invasive lung biopsies, surgical management of T3 and T4 lung cancers, the latest news on treating pancreas cancer, lymphoma trials news, and SCCA's new patient housing facility.

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