Dealing with Feelings

Dealing with Feelings

Most teenagers spend time thinking about their lives and all the changes that are happening (like growing six inches in a year or developing sexually)—plus friends, school, parents, popularity, looks and the future.

And then along comes cancer. At first it may feel like your life will never be the same. How will your friends react? Why are your parents being so weird?  How are you supposed to go out in public with NO HAIR?

The first thing to realize is that your life probably never will be exactly the way it was before. You will have changed. You will have grown up some. And, most likely, you will have settled into a “new normal,” which is the way your life is going to be during and after cancer treatment.

One thing you may really want and need is the support of your friends. Read about Danel, a high-school student, and his friends. Learn more about dealing with friends from Teens Living With Cancer

At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Seattle Children’s, there are lots of people around who can help you and your family with your feelings as you go through cancer treatment. These people will probably stop by to see you, or you can ask to see them:

You might find these resources helpful, too: