Survivorship Care Plan

Survivorship Care Plan

After an initial appointment at the Survivorship Clinic at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), you will receive a Survivorship Care Plan. This document lists all the treatment and medical information that is pertinent to your diagnosis and any possible after effects you may experience. We’ll tailor information to your specific needs to help you understand your risks and how to best manage them.

Survivorship Care Plans are now required by accreditation standards for hospital cancer programs.

A summary of care may include:

  • Diagnostic tests and results
  • Tumor characteristics, including sites(s), stage, grade, hormone status, biomarker results
  • Details on treatment
    • Type of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, transplantation, hormone therapy, gene therapy, or other)
    • Agents used (regimen, total dosage)
    • Beginning and ending dates
    • Indicators of response
    • Toxicities
  • Support services provided (psychological, nutritional, other)
  • Contact information for treating institutions and key individual providers
  • Name of key point of contact and coordinator for your continuing care

A brief outline of our evidence-based follow-up care recommendations may include:

  • Likely course of recovery from treatment toxicities
  • Need for ongoing health maintenance/adjuvant therapy
  • Recommended cancer screenings and other periodic testing/examinations, including schedule and providers
  • Possible late and long-term effects of treatment and their symptoms
  • Possible psychological effects (marital/partner relationships, sexual functioning, work, parenting) and the potential need for psychological support
  • Possible insurance, employment, and financial consequences as well as referrals for appropriate counseling, as necessary
  • Specific recommendations for lifestyle changes to promote health
  • Genetic counseling and testing, if applicable
  • Known effective chemoprevention strategies
  • Cancer-related resources