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Spiritual and Religious Tool

We want to be respectful of you. As you use this tool, we invite you to substitute different terms more suitable to your tradition and beliefs. Your responses to the following questions can be helpful as a private reflection. They may also be areas to explore with someone else as you reflect on your life. If you are interested in talking with a chaplain about any of these issues, please call (206) 288-1099 or e-mail us at

Religious/Spiritual Background

  • Do you consider yourself a spiritual and/or religious person?
  • What are your key religious/spiritual beliefs/practices?
  • Who are your religious/spiritual support persons?

Communities/Support Systems

  • What people are in your support system (e.g., family, friends, colleagues)?
  • What types of support do they provide (e.g., emotional, practical)?
  • At this time, are they nearby or far away?

Cultural/Religious Needs

  • What rituals are important to you?
  • What special dietary requirements do you have?
  • What gender-specific needs do you have (e.g., a male chaplain, a female doctor)?
  • What is your language preference?

Spiritual Journey

  • What is your earliest spiritual/religious memory?
  • If you were writing a spiritual autobiography, what would be the title of the book and what would be the chapter headings (i.e., key moments/transitions in your spiritual life)?
  • Have there ever been some dark times in your life? If so, how did you get through them?
  • Who have been the key people in your spiritual journey—personal relationships and people you have read/heard about?

Sense of the Holy

  • What is most important to you?
  • How do you understand/experience God/the Sacred?
  • How do you nurture your soul or yourself?


  • How do you make sense of what is happening in your life?
  • Where have you normally found meaning in life?
  • Where/how do you find meaning now?
  • For what are you most grateful?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What are your most significant losses?


  • What are your hopes: immediate, intermediate and ultimate?
  • What are your dreams?
  • Who are the key players in realizing your hopes and dreams?
  • How do you pray or for what do you pray, if you pray?
  • Of what are you most afraid?

Health and Healing

  • How have you experienced healing or positive changes in your life through this experience?
  • What are particular ways that you would like to experience healing (e.g., relationships, priorities, how you spend your time and/or money, emotions, spirituality)?
  • What does “healing” mean to you?

Dying and Death

  • What are your hopes, fears and/or concerns regarding dying/death?
  • What are your beliefs about death and after-death?
  • If you could chose how you were going to die, how would you die?