Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Professional staff at Shine provide several important services in a beautiful, sensitive environment:

Certified Mastectomy Fitters

After a mastectomy or bi-lateral mastectomy, a woman’s posture and balance is compromised. Having a proper fitting bra with balanced prostheses addresses these concerns.

Our certified fitters help fit bras for women who have

  • lymphedema
  • drains
  • are going through radiation therapy or brachytherapy

Our certified mastectomy fitters focus on education, as our oncology products sell themselves. Our large inventory of products includes:

  • molded-cup T-shirt bras
  • compression bras for implants
  • front closure compression zip-bras
  • post-surgical camisoles with pocket pillows for shape and comfort
  • bathing suits
  • exercise bras

New patients can expect to spend 60 to 90 minutes with a certified fitter to fill out paper work, be measured, and review and try out product.

Private insurance typically covers two new bras every six months and prosthetics every two years.

Complimentary Wig Trims and Head Shaves

At Shine, we are pleased to offer complimentary wig trims and head shaves. Head shaves are performed by licensed cosmotologists! An appointment is strongly requested for head shaves to ensure that a licensed cosmotologist is on site at the time you'd like this service performed. Only licensed professionals can perform head shaves.