Social Workers

Social Workers for Children and Teens

Social workers at Seattle Children’s, a Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) partner organization, are trained to help families adjust to a cancer diagnosis and cope with their new situation and the demands of treatment in the best possible way. A social worker meets with each patient and family soon after the diagnosis. Our goal is to provide support and to share information about the overwhelming thoughts and feelings that children and parents often experience at this time. The social worker tries to identify the unique needs of each family and offer help or resources.

Social worker services can include:

  • Short-term individual and/or family support and counseling
  • Education about feelings that go with cancer and its treatment
  • Information about community and hospital resources (such as housing, clothing, and vouchers)
  • Advocacy, which means being on your side for whatever your child and family need

To speak with a social worker at Seattle Children’s, call (206) 987-2167.

More Information

For more information, read about Seattle Children’s Social Work program.