Smoking-Cessation Helpful Links

Smoking-Cessation Helpful Links

Resources to Help You Quit Tobacco

The organizations listed below provide telephone and web-based counseling to help you quit smoking and using tobacco products. Because programs and services continually change, this list may not be inclusive. Most of these are free, but some programs charge a fee. The secret of quitting is to not give up trying. You can do it.

1-800-QUIT NOW 
All states have quitlines in place with trained counselors available

American Cancer Society: Quit for Life

American Legacy Foundation: Become an EX

American Lung Association: Lung HelpLine

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

U.S. Department of Defense: Quit Tobacco—Make Everyone Proud (for active service members and veterans)

  • 24-hr helpline for TRICARE beneficiaries

  • North Region: 866-459-8766

  • South Region: 877-414-9949

  • West Region: 866-244-6870

  • Veterans enrolled in the VA system: 877-222-8387