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     SCCA Internal Links
         Research Staff Resources
             Research Lab Request Form
         Clinical Staff Resources
         SCCA Patient Education Document Downloads
         Public Care Policies

Diseases & Treatments

     Diseases & Treatments
     Patient Stories

Life After Cancer

     The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Survivorship Clinic
         Survivorship Clinic - Adult Patients
         Survivorship Clinic for Childhood Cancer Patients
         Survivorship Clinic Staff
         Education & Events
         Important Articles for Survivors
             Survival Strategy Articles
             LifeLinks - Long-Term Follow-Up Newsletter
             LifeLinks - Long Term Follow-Up Newsletter, Fall 2013
             LifeLinks - Long-Term Follow-Up Newsletter, Spring 2014
         Health Links
         Patient Stories
         Survive and Thrive Newsletter
             Survive and Thrive Newsletter - Winter 2013
             Survive and Thrive Newsletter - Spring 2014
     Women’s Wellness Clinic
         Women’s Wellness Clinic Newsletter
         Women’s Wellness Clinic Providers
             Barbara J. Silko, ARNP, PhD
             Heidi Trott, MN, ARNP
             Lexi Harlow, DPT, CLT
             Gretchen Gruender, MS, RD, CD
         Women’s Wellness Patient Stories

Prevention & Early Detection

     Prevention & Early Detection
     Lung Cancer Early Detection & Prevention
         Lung Cancer Early Detection & Prevention Clinic
             Our Providers
             Pulmonary Nodules
             Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)
         Lung Cancer Risk Factors
         Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening
             Should I get a lung CT scan?
         Living Tobacco-Free Services
         What Do You Know About Lung Cancer?
         VATS - Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery
     Prevent Colorectal Cancer
         Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors
             Lynch Syndrome
         Signs and Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer
         Gastroenterology Centers
     Early Detection for Skin Cancer
         How Much Do You Know About Skin Cancer?
     Early Detection for Cervical Cancer
     Prostate Cancer Prevention & Early Detection
         Prostate Cancer Risk Factors
         What Do You Know About Prostate Cancer?
         PSA Screening Risks & Benefits
     Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program
         Your First Appointment
         Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program Physicians
     Preventing Breast and Ovarian Cancers
         Your First Appointment
         BRCA1 and BRCA2
     Preventing Cancer
         Healthy Living Choices
             Nutrition Guidelines
         Living Tobacco-Free
         Living Tobacco-Free
             Reasons to Quit
             Smoking-Cessation Helpful Links
         What is Cancer?

About Us

     Why SCCA?
     Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Survival Rates
         Breast Cancer Survival Rates
             Breast Cancer Stage 0 Survival Rates
             Breast Cancer Stage I Survival Rates
             Breast Cancer Stage II Survival Rates
             Breast Cancer Stage III Survival Rates
         Colon Cancer Survival Rates
             Colon Cancer Stage I Survival Rates
             Colon Cancer Stage II Survival Rates
             Colon Cancer Stage IV Survival Rates
         Leukemia Survival Rates
         Lung Cancer Survival Rates
             Lung Cancer Stage I Survival Rates
             Lung Cancer Stage II Survival Rates
             Lung Cancer Stage III Survival Rates
             Lung Cancer Stage IV Survival Rates
         Lymphoma Survival Rates
             Lymphoma Stage I Survival Rates
             Lymphoma Stage II Survival Rates
             Lymphoma Stage IV Survival Rates
         Melanoma Survival Rates
             Melanoma Stage 0 Survival Rates
             Melanoma Stage I Survival Rates
             Melanoma Stage II Survival Rates
             Melanoma Stage III Survival Rates
         Myeloma Survival Rates
         Prostate Cancer Survival Rates
             Prostate Cancer Stage II Survival Rates
             Prostate Cancer Stage III Survival Rates
             Prostate Cancer Stage IV Survival Rates
         SCCA Survival Rates: Frequently Asked Questions
         Data Collection Methodology
         Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Survival Rates
     Where You're Treated First Matters Most
     SCCA Overview
         SCCA Purpose & Mission
         Accreditations & Licenses
             American College of Radiology
             American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
             American College of Pathologists
             Commission on Cancer
             Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy
             The Joint Commission
         SCCA at a Glance
         SCCA 2013 Annual Report
         SCCA 2012 Annual Report
         SCCA 2011 Annual Report
         Community Health Needs Assessment
     Our Founding Organizations
         Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
         UW Medicine
         Seattle Children's
         Centers & Clinics
     Why Your Child Should Be Treated by SCCA
     Patient Stories
     What to Look for in a Cancer Center
         Other Opportunities
         Current Openings
         Nursing Careers
     SCCA News
     Press Room
         Press Releases
         Audio-interviews with SCCA Physicians
         Frequently Asked Questions
         SCCA Facts
             SCCA Proton Therapy, A ProCure Center
         Virtual Tour
         Video Library

News & Events

     News & Events
     SCCA News
     Patient Power
         About Andrew Schorr
         Newsletter Update Profile
             Newsletter Update Profile
     SCCA Cancer News Watch
     RSS Sign Up

Contact Us

     Privacy Policy
     Contact Us
         Contact Us
     Phone Directory

How To Help

     Make a Donation to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
         Memorial & Tribute Gifts
         Planned Giving
         Donating Items for Patients
         Contact Us
         Support SCCA House
     Become a Volunteer
         FAQs About Our Program
         Volunteer Roles
             Gift Shop Volunteers
             Guest Services Volunteers
             Massage Therapy Volunteers
             General Oncology/Hematology Lobby Volunteers
             Volunteer Drivers
             Child Life Volunteers
             Physical Therapy Volunteers
             Volunteer Labyrinth Host
             Patient and Family Resource Center Volunteers
             Volunteer Tutors
             Patient/Family Volunteers
             Patient Education Volunteers
         Volunteer Profiles
         Volunteer with our Founding Organizations
     Community Events
         Swim Across America
         SCCA Cycling Team

Visitor's Guide

     Clinic Locations
         Shuttle Schedules
         Virtual Tour
         SCCA at South Lake Union
         SCCA at UWMC
         SCCA at EvergreenHealth
         SCCA at UW Medicine’s Northwest Hospital
         SCCA Proton Therapy, A ProCure Center
         Seattle Children's Hospital

Halvorson Cancer Center

Video Library

Find A Doctor

Make an Appointment

     Make an Appointment
     Patient Appointment
         Patient Appointment Request
     Caregiver Referral
         Caregiver Appointment Request

Network Members

     Network Members
     Patient Stories


     Site Search
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Physician Directory

     Physician Directory
         Physician Search Results

Site Index

     Site Index

Participate in a Study

     Patient Guide to Clinical Studies
         Treatment and Prevention
         Why Take Part in a Clinical Study
         Importance of Studies
     Phases of Clinical Studies
     What to Expect in a Clinical Study
     Making the Decision
         Clinical Study Checklist
         Making the Decision Checklist
     Finding the Right Clinical Study
     Clinical Studies -- Myths vs. Facts
     Health Insurance
     If You Decide Against a Clinical Trial
     Clinical Study Definitions
     Researching Clinical Studies on the Internet
     Patient Safety
     Children and Clinical Studies
         Advice to Parents
     Older Patients and Clinical Studies

Patient Support

     Patient Support & Housing
     Housing & Logistical Support
         SCCA House
             SCCA House Testimonials
             SCCA House & Pete Gross House FAQ
             About SCCA House
             How You Can Help
         Pete Gross House
             About Pete Gross
             Frequently Asked Questions
         Housing Options
             RV Parks
         Travel & Transportation
             Air Travel
             Car Rentals
             Travel Assistance
         SCCA Amenities
             Guest Services
         Interpreter Services & International Patients
         Patient & Family Resource Center
         Support from Volunteers
         Insurance & Financial Assistance
         SCCA Secure Email Guide
         SCCA Secure Email
     Emotional Support
         Mental Health Services
         Social Workers
             Social Work for Children and Teens
         Chaplaincy Care
             Places of Worship
             SCCA Sanctuary
             What Chaplains Do
             Contact a Chaplain
             Spiritual and Religious Tool
         Support Groups & Services
             Support Groups for Children
         Helping Yourself/Helping Others
             Tools for Getting Through It
             Taking Care of the Caregiver
         Online Social Support Tools
     Medical Support
             Diets and Guidelines for Specific Needs
             General Oncology Diet Guidelines
             Introduction to Gastrointestinal Diets
             Nutrition Guidelines for Discharge Home After Transplant
             Osteoporosis Nutrition Guidelines
             Transplant Diet Guidelines
             Guidelines for Herbal & Nutrient Supplements
             Water-Safety Guidelines
             Food-Safety Guidelines
             Infant Formula-Safety Guidelines
             Holiday Food Safety
             Food-Safety Resources
             Professional Publications
         Physical Therapy
             Who Can Benefit from Physical Therapy?
         Symptom Management
             Nausea and Vomiting
             Memory and Concentration Problems
             Body-Image Changes
             Change and Uncertainty
             Pain Clinic
             Suggestions for Managing Care at Home
             Taking Care of the Caregiver
         Psychosocial Oncology & Sexuality Resources
         Wellness Programs & Classes
             SCCA Calendar of Events
         Living Tobacco-Free
         Patient Navigators
             Patient Navigator: Carmen Cunningham
         Supportive and Palliative Care Service
             What to Expect
             Supportive and Palliative Care Team
         Hats, Scarves, Turbans and Wigs
     Support Specific to Children
         Schools & Childcare
             Art with Heart
         Teen Zone
             Teen Zone Answers
             Sexuality & Cancer Treatment
             Pregnancy & Cancer Treatment
             Teen Treatment
             Teen Clinical Studies
             Taking Care of Yourself
             Dealing with Feelings
             Resources for Teens
         Pain Management Program
         Pediatric Palliative Care Consulting Service
         Patient & Family Resource Center
         Schools & Childcare
         Social Workers
         Child Life Specialists
             Child Life Volunteers
         Support Groups for Children
         Support Services at Seattle Children's
         Child Life Specialists at Seattle Children's
     Patient Safety
         Quality of Care
         Infection Control
         Fall Prevention
         Medication Safety
         Patient-Safety Resources
         Patient-Safety Feedback
         Patient Safety
     SCCA Patient Calendar
     SCCA Introduction Videos

For Newly Diagnosed

     What to Look for in a Cancer Center
     Diseases and Treatments
     Patient Support & Housing
     Map and Directions
     Participate in a Study
     Contact Us
     Smoke Free Life Program
     Where You're Treated First Matters Most
         Choosing a Doctor
         Seeking a Second Opinion
         For Parents – Why your child should be treated at SCCA
         What To Do next

For Current Patients

     For Current Patients
     Diseases and Treatments
     Patient Support & Housing
     Patient Safety
     “Patient Power” Webcast
     Participate in a Clinical Study
     Survivorship Program
     Contact Us
     Smoke Free Life

For Referring Doctors

     For Referring Doctors
     Physician Directory
     Doc-to-Doc Phone Consultation
     Physician Referral Form
         Physician Referral Acknowledgment
         Physician Trials Referral Acknowledgment
         SCCA Physician Directory Access Request
         Physician Referral Request Access Thanks
         Physician Directory and Contacts
         Physician View Login Success
         Physician View Forgot Username
         Physician View Forgot Password
         Physician View Change Password
     U-Link for Referring Physicians
     Clinical Studies at SCCA
     Continuing Medical Education
         Pacific Northwest Head, Neck & Thyroid Cancer Symposium 2012
     Other Clinical Education
         Fellowship in Oncology Chaplaincy
             Four Foci of the Fellowship
             Educational and Clinical Expectations
             Fellowship Bibliography(Partial)
         Visiting Nurse Program
         Oncology Nursing Society Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course
         Pediatric Oncology Training
         Nursing Management of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Patient
             Class Topics
             Course Lecturers
         End-of-Life Nursing Education Course
     Newsletters for Physicians
         Adult Bone Marrow Transplant News
         Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant News
         Clinical Trials Monthly
     Clinical Labs
         Busulfan Lab (Pharmacokinetics Lab)
             Sending Samples to the Busulfan Laboratory
         Alliance Laboratory
         Cellular Therapy Laboratory
         Clinical Immunogenetics Laboratory
             Description of HLA
             The Science Behind HLA
             Request HLA Typing
             Tests We Offer
         Clinical Pathology
         Cytogenetics Laboratory
         Molecular Oncology Laboratory
             NPM1 Insertion Mutation
             ABL Mutational Analysis
             Molecular Oncology Laboratory
     Network Members
     SCCA Network Resources
         SCCA Network Referrals
         SCCA Network Research
         SCCA Network Education
         SCCA Network Marketing
         SCCA Network News
     Visiting Physician Program
     SCCA Vendor Program

Cancer Survivors