Shine Testimonials

Read what a few of our satisfied customers have had to say about our unique cancer specialties store, Shine.

"It was a life-changing experience to find post-mastectomy bras after treatment for breast cancer. I discovered how much happier I can be when I am comfortable.” -Elizabeth Akiyoshi, breast cancer survivor

"This store offers many more choices for mastectomy clients and for wigs. Also the services needed when you have to get a wig, like head shaves, wig trims etc. make the process so much easier and so positive."

"Staff was knowledgeable, helpful, and professional!"

"Excellent service and concern for the customer!"

"So happy to have this store available! And to have it close to the SCCA making it easy to go to appointments there and stop at the store all in one trip! Staff was so friendly and helpful!"

"I am so happy with the bra Sarah ordered for me it has changed my life. I was so uncomfortable in the 'custom pocketed' bras from Nordstrom due to snaps, stitching, extenders that I was desperate. My skin is still sensitive from radiation.  Thank you! I mentioned to Dr. Janice Kim how great Shine was for me and will also tell Dr. Gralow this week. Thank you! Thank you!"

"Dr. Robert Kim, vascular surgeon at Poly Clinic, highly recommended Shine to me – He was right! Thank you very much."

"Staff was very reassuring about stockings, showed me how to put them on/take them off - Thanks!"

"I can't say enough good things about Shine. Lots of products and friendly staff."

"They were knowledgeable about what I needed and how to get insurance re-imbursements."

"Carrie gave me a 'wiggle your toes' tip that makes sense in such a simple way."

"When some people are diagnosed with cancer, they prefer to keep their privacy about their medical condition. I was one of those people. I can't say enough good things about how the staff helped me while being discreet. The staff certainly knew more about what would help me than I did. They helped make a rather awkward situation feel normal again. I thank them for that."

"The kindness of Pia and her patience in waiting for me to make decisions was much appreciated. She is very knowledgeable and has excellent follow through in phone conversations after I returned to Alaska."

"Vanessa was especially helpful, patient and kind. All staff made me feel comfortable at a difficult time in my life."