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Online Bill Pay Help

Here are some frequently asked questions about SCCA Online Bill Pay. If you have a questions about Online Bill Pay that’s not covered below, please feel free to email us at

How do I view my monthly statement and make payments online?
In order to view your monthly statement and make payments online, you must enroll by entering your Patient Number and Patient Name (as reflected on your monthly statement).
What is a Patient Number?
The Patient Number a unique number assigned to each patient. It begins with the number 6 and is an eight digit number (example: 69999999).  It is printed on your paper itemization and paper statement under Service Summary.  This number provides the access to your account information and is required to enroll for your online account.
Can another family member access my online account?
A family member can only access your account if you choose to provide that person with your Patient Number and password.
Can I still receive my monthly paper statements if I sign up for e-Statements?
No.   During the enrollment process, you will be asked if you would like to receive your monthly statements online only, or continue receiving your statements through the mail. Once you elect to receive you monthly statements electronically, you will no longer receive them in the mail. You can always go back to paper by going to your patient profile in the 'My Account' section to change your preference.
Will I continue to receive paper itemizations if I sign up for e-Statements?
Yes.  We are unable to provide itemizations in an electronic format.  You will continue to receive these in the mail.
Can I contact the Patient Accounting office through e-mail?
Yes, you may e-mail our office at 24 hours a day, seven days a week with questions. You will receive a response from us within two business days.
Can I make payments online without enrolling?
Yes.  Please have the Patient Name and Patient Number, as indicated on your paper statement, and follow the quick pay instructions.
Will I be able to pay online for multiple visits?
Yes.  Please select the visits you would like to pay.
Will I be able view and pay my physician statements from this site?
No, only your Seattle Cancer Care Alliance statements will be available from this site.
Do I need to establish an electronic payment method to be eligible for the online account manager?
No. When it comes time to pay your bill, you will have the option to either establish an electronic payment method or print a payment stub out on your home printer.
What specific type of electronic payment method can I use?
You can make payment electronically, via credit card, or debit card.
Can I print my monthly statement and mail my payment instead of paying electronically?
Yes. You have the option of printing your statement and mailing the payment stub with your check or credit card information. Just click the 'Print Payment Stub' option on the 'Make Payment' page.