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Researching Clinical Studies on the Internet

Cautions When Researching on the Web

The Internet makes searching for an appropriate clinical study easy and fast, but some web sites leave out vital information. As you read, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the site disclose the risks of participating in the trial?

  • Does the site say who is sponsoring the trial?

  • Does the site indicate whether the trial is Phase I, Phase II or Phase III?

  • Does the site spell out its privacy policy for protecting any personal information you provide?

  • If the site is a for-profit entity, does it disclose how it generates revenue?

  • Does the site's list of benefits of participation include things like free parking or payment for participating in the trial, rather than focusing on the medical benefits to patients?

You need to have the answers to all of these questions in order to make an informed decision about whether a particular trial is right for you.