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Separation and Divorce Far More Common When the Wife is the Patient

A woman is six times more likely to be separated or divorced soon after a diagnosis of cancer or multiple sclerosis than if a man in the relationship is the patient, according to a study that examined the role gender played in so-called “partner abandonment.” The study, “Gender Disparity in the Rate of Partner Abandonment in Patients with Serious Medical Illness,” was published in the Nov. 15 issue of the journal Cancer and was co-authored by SCCA's Marc Chamberlain, director of the neuro-oncology program at the SCCA.  

"Make a Mammogram Promise" Campaign Begins Today

The Make a Mammogram Promise Campaign runs throughout October. The goal is to increase awareness about the importance of getting annual mammograms and to get as many women as possible in the Pacific Northwest to make a promise to get screened for breast cancer.  

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Procure to Develop Proton Therapy Center

Center Will Be First in Pacific Northwest to Offer the Advanced Cancer Therapy  

New Patient Housing Facility Dedicated

The SCCA House, an 80-unit patient housing facility for cancer patients and their families and caregivers, was dedicated today during ceremonies at its South Lake Union location. The facility is the second such “home away from home” building that is operated by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Rooms are scheduled to be available to SCCA patients by the end of the month.  

Sea Mar Partners with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on Cancer Outreach

Sea Mar Community Health Centers, Washington’s largest community health provider to Latino patients, has become the first outreach affiliate of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Network. The two organizations will team to bring a variety of services, including cancer prevention and screening education, treatment referral and physician education, to Sea Mar healthcare providers and their patients.  
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Avastin® effective at delaying brain tumor progression in recurrent disease

The use of Avastin alone to treat a subgroup of recurrent Grade 3 brain tumors showed it was safe and effective at delaying tumor progression, according to a retrospective study of 22 patients conducted by a researcher at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  

Patient infection rates controlled by unique program at outpatient cancer clinic

An aggressive infection control program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance that mixes common sense measures with medical informatics has drastically reduced the number and rate of infection-caused illness since its inception three years ago.  

New Guidelines Emphasize Use of Breast MRI to Supplement Standard Imaging

Updated guidelines for physicians that represent best practices for using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to newly diagnose breast cancer and to make treatment decisions for breast cancer were published today in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network  
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Casual smoking is not a good idea in the frat house – or the White House

SEATTLE – President Barack Obama won two-thirds of the 18-29 year old vote, thanks largely to his popularity among college students. As a role model, however, the president has one habit that students would be better off not imitating: his widely-reported intermittent cigarette smoking. Contrary to what many college-age casual smokers believe, they are at risk for becoming addicted to tobacco, as well as more likely to drink too much alcohol, exercise too little and experience more depression.  

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