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GPS for the prostate: System keeps radiation therapy on target

A system for tracking the movement of the prostate during radiation therapy has gone into service at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Featuring tiny GPS-type positioning transponders implanted inside the prostate, the technology tracks any movement of the prostate in real time and alerts therapists if the organ moves beyond pre-determined parameters so they can adjust the external beam of radiation.  

Transplant Program Tops in Expected One-Year Survival Rate

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s stem-cell transplant program at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) was one of only two transplant programs nationwide that consistently outperformed the expected one-year survival rate for unrelated donor transplants, according to an independent report that assessed 122 transplant centers over a five-year period.  

MultiCare Joins Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Network

The MultiCare Regional Cancer Center in Tacoma has become the latest member of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Network.  

A place for smokers to find out: What has smoking done to my lungs? How can I quit?

New Lung Cancer Early Detection and Prevention clinic opens to provide assessment, treatment and smoking cessation.  
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Cancer Patient Housing Project Under Way in South Lake Union

A six-story, 80-room, motel-style housing project designed for out-of-town cancer patients of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance today broke ground in the South Lake Union neighborhood. When the $22.9 million facility opens in the spring of 2009, it will join the nearby Pete Gross House in providing out-of-town SCCA cancer patients with an additional option for where to stay during short- and long-term treatments.  

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