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SCCA Invites Men to Grow a ‘Mo’ for Movember

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10-29-2013 SCCA Invites Men to Grow a ‘Mo’ for Movember (82kb)
Team MoDawgs Leads the Northwest’s Effort to Raise Awareness of Men’s Health
SEATTLE – According to the American Cancer Society, approximately one in six men in the U.S. will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) urologic oncologist, Dr. Jonathan Wright aims to change this grim statistic and start a local team, MoDawgs to participate in the international Movember campaign to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. As part of this effort, Dr. Wright has called on men to grow a mustache or ‘Mo’ during the month of November and has developed guidelines to simplify prostate cancer prevention and screening recommendations. The Get Smart About Your Prostate Cancer Risk infographic provides screening recommendations for each life stage and for those who believe they are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.
 “It may seem like a small effort but by growing moustaches, men raise awareness of  health issues by prompting conversations wherever they go,” said Dr. Jonathan Wright, urologic oncologist at SCCA, assistant professor in the urology department at the University of Washington School of Medicine, affiliate researcher at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and director of the Robotic prostatectomy program at Seattle Puget Sound Veterans Affairs Hospital. “We are dedicated to eliminating the grief caused by losing a loved one to prostate cancer and other men’s cancers by raising funds and awareness for early detection and treatment of these cancers. I encourage everyone, men, women and children to participate in the Movember movement.”
Following the prostate cancer  screening  guidelines from the American Cancer Society, SCCA recommends:
  • For men under age 40: SCCA does not recommend PSA screening for men under 40.
  • For men age 40 through 54: SCCA does not recommend routine PSA screening  for men age 40 to 54 who are at average risk for developing prostate cancer.
  • For men age 55 through 69: SCCA recommends that men in this age range who are considering prostate cancer screening talk with their doctors about the benefits and risks of PSA testing, and proceed based on their personal values and preferences.
  • For men age 70 or older or men with less than a 10- to 15-year life expectancy: SCCA does not recommend routine PSA screening for men age 70 or older or for men of any age with a life expectancy of less than 10 to 15 years. Some men over age 70 who are in excellent health may benefit from prostate cancer screening and should talk with their doctors about the benefits and risks of PSA testing.
  • For men who believe they are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer: Risks for prostate cancer include family history of prostate cancer, African-American race, older age, prior biopsy, prostate cancer symptoms, and high-fat diet. SCCA recommends that men who believe they are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer talk to their doctor about their risk and whether PSA testing is right for them.
Dr. Wright is credited with bringing the Movember message to SCCA, UW Medicine and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Inspired by the efforts of the international Movember campaign, he started the MoDawgs team in 2011 to grow mustaches in November to raise funds and awareness for the issues surrounding men’s health, particularly prostate cancer. Since 2011 the team has grown to include urologists, oncologists, researchers, and caregivers from the University of Washington, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle Puget Sound Veterans Affairs Hospital, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, as well as UW students and alumni and supporters of the work this team does to raise awareness.
The team raises funds through annual fundraising events and donations on their website. The amount received is directed to programs run directly by Movember and their men’s health  partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, ensuring that Movember funds support a broad range of innovative, world-class programs supporting awareness and education, survivorship and research.
In an effort to broaden their impact, MoDawgs has joined forces with KJR Sports Radio to raise awareness of men’s health issues including cancer, motivate men to visit their doctors for check-ups and inspire 10,000 people to pledge their support of MoDawgs. During the month of November, MoDawgs urges men to register on their website and join the movement by growing a moustache and asking friends and family to donate to their efforts. Women are also encouraged to participate by registering, raising funds and encouraging the men in their lives to get involved. Several celebrities have joined the MoDawgs challenge to grow mustaches and spread the word about men’s health issues, including former Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren, the voice of the University of Washington Huskies Bob Rondeau, Washington State University Athletic Director, Bill Moos, The Tonight Show’s Kevin Eubanks, comedian Mike Johannsen, Ben Baily, the host of Cash Cab, and Chris Ballew, the lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America. To participate in the KJR /MoDawgs partnership with these celebrities, visit www.sportsradiokjr.com/pages/modawg.html.
For more information on SCCA’s prostate cancer prevention and early detection techniques please visit: www.seattlecca.org/prostate-cancer-screening.cfm.  
To learn more about SCCA’s Team MoDawgs and their efforts to raise awareness of men’s health visit: www.modawgs.com/2013/.  
About Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a cancer treatment center that unites doctors from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine, and Seattle Children’s. Our goal, every day, is to turn cancer patients into cancer survivors. Our purpose is to lead the world in the prevention and treatment of cancer. SCCA has five clinical care sites: an outpatient clinic on the Hutchinson Center campus, a pediatric inpatient unit at Seattle Children’s, an adult inpatient unit at UW Medical Center, a medical oncology clinic at EvergreenHealth, and medical and radiation oncology clinics at UW Medicine / Northwest Hospital.  Additionally, proton therapy services are provided at SCCA Proton Therapy, A Procure Center. For more information about SCCA, visit www.seattlecca.org.
About Movember
Movember aims to forever change the face of men's health through the power of the moustache, by raising vital awareness and funds for men's health issues to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. Movember programs are focused on awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, and research to achieve our vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men's health. Since 2003, three million participants have raised over $446MM for the cause, funding more than 570 programs globally, with official Movember campaigns taking place in 21 countries. Movember is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and for the past two years, has been named a Top 100 best NGO by The Global Journal. For more information please visit Movember.com. Movember is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.
Media Contact:
Katie Carroll
Nyhus Communications for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance