Patient Guidelines

Patient Guidelines

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) staff are committed to work as a team that includes you and your family members. To protect the health and privacy of all our patients, we follow policies and procedures described below.

Preventing Infection

If you or anyone coming with you to the clinic has cold or flu symptoms, call your nurse or the clinic before your appointment. Even minor colds and infections carry a risk to other patients.

Visit a hand hygiene station located in the elevator lobbies on each clinic floor and in the parking garage. Put on a mask, apply hand gel, and go directly to your first appointment. At check-in, inform front desk staff that you may have a cold so the nurse can determine if isolation measures are necessary to protect patients.

Fresh or dried flowers and plants are not allowed in SCCA clinics because of the organisms that grow on them and in the dirt or water, which can cause infections. Balloons and silk flowers are okay. Make sure there is no decorative moss around silk flowers. Only artificial moss is allowed.

For the comfort of our patients, SCCA is a fragrance-free environment.

Smoke-free Environment

We are committed to providing an entirely smoke and tobacco-free environment for all patients, visitors, and staff. Smoking is not allowed in any area, including buildings, grounds, and parking lots.

Securing Emailed Information

To protect the confidentiality of personal health information we send you by email, SCCA uses an encryption service operated by Zix Corporation. This requires some extra steps. To start, you will need to register and create a password on the secure email site. You will log in to this site to send us email or to view emails sent to you from SCCA. When we send you an encrypted message, you receive an email notice in your regular email inbox. The notice has a link and brief instructions on how to access the secure email site. See more about secure email.

Release of Medical Information

If you want a copy of the medical record of your SCCA treatment, you will be asked to sign an authorization form. There is no charge for records released to you or your doctor. Contact medical records for SCCA clinics at (206) 288-1114 and for University of Washington Medical Center at (206) 744-9000.

Patient Safety and Care Quality

SCCA takes pride in providing care of the highest quality and safety, as reflected in our high survival rates and in receiving the Joint Commission’s Golden Seal of Approval. Research shows that the best way to protect patient safety is a team approach to care—with patients and their families taking an active role.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

SCCA respects the rights of all of our patients, equally and individually. Your rights include medical care guided by the best medical practices, participation in making informed decisions about your care, voluntary participation in medical research studies, confidentiality of your health information, and access to your medical records. As a patient of SCCA, you share in the responsibility for your care, which includes providing complete information about your health and medications, keeping appointments, promptly meeting financial obligations, and following SCCA rules. If you have concerns, we encourage you to talk with your health care team initially. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact SCCA Patient Relations at (206) 288-1056.