Oncology Products

Oncology Products

Shine offers products and services to support the cancer treatment and recovery experience.

The product categories are listed below and each category contains a current price list (pricing subject to change without notice).

We are open Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and are located next to the SCCA House at 207 Pontius Ave N, Suite 101, Seattle, 98109. Enjoy a 7 to 10-minute walk or take the free shuttle from SCCA. Contact us at: retail@seattlecca.org; (206) 288-7560 (p) or (206) 288-7167 (fax).

Breast Prostheses and Bras

Shine offers a wide selection of products and services for all post-mastectomy needs, post-surgical garments, breast prostheses, and bras, as well as active wear and swimwear. Staff is certified in mastectomy fitting and will assist you in achieving the best fit.

Compression Garments

Shine’s trained staff will assist with product selection and proper fit of Juzo compression garments for upper and lower extremities. Measurement for custom garments is available with an appointment.

Wigs, Hats, and Hair Alternatives

Shine offers a number of options to people faced with hair loss due to cancer treatment.

Sexual Intimacy

Shine has aids and reading materials to support an active and healthy sexual life, offered in an open and welcoming environment. Examples of products include organic lubricants, vaginal dilators, and vibrators.

Skin Care Products

Shine offers a wide range of skin care products, many recommended by SCCA staff. You will find old favorites like Bag Balm, Udderly Smooth, and Cetaphil, along with oncology research-based Lindi Skin and organic Badger products.


Canes are used to help improve your safety and stability while walking. We carry both standard and designer models. With your prescription, we can provide courtesy medical billing. Prices range from $12 to $75.