Seeking a Second Opinion

Seeking a Second Opinion

Feeling comfortable about your care provider is as important to your treatment as the therapy itself. Many physicians recommend second opinions; many insurance companies require it before covering treatment.

Getting a second opinion is more than just another hoop to jump through in the maze of your cancer treatment. It’s a valuable tool to verify facts, like the stage, location, even the existence of the disease at all. A second opinion may provide access to potentially new treatments or clinical trials that are available.

Tell your oncologist that you’d like to seek a second opinion. This is common practice and will not offend your doctor in any way. They may even be able to help direct you to other oncologists in the area. You should also contact your insurance carrier to make sure they will cover the second opinion visit.

Be sure to take a copy of your records, scans, and test results with you to the appointment. This will help avoid having to repeat certain tests that can be costly and time-consuming.

Where ever you decide to seek your care for your cancer diagnosis, we wish you good luck and good health.