Tri-Cities Cancer Center Overview


At the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, we focus on treating the whole patient, not just their disease. We are a nonprofit cancer treatment facility developed through a partnership of Lourdes Health Network, Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Trios Health, and the Tri-Cities community. Treatment decisions are always based on best practice and the desires of our patients. Whether the intent is curative treatment, pain management, or palliative care, our patient’s desires always play a key role in the recommended course of treatment.

Tri-Cities Cancer Center provides state-of-the-art radiation oncology treatment including:

Our skilled radiation oncology team and state-of-the-art equipment, procedures, and protocols allow for shorter treatment times and fewer side effects. We are able to effectively treat the targeted area while sparing healthy tissue and organ exposure to radiation.

One of Tri-Cities Cancer Center’s primary goals is to deliver effective treatment so our patients can keep close to home, surrounded by family and friends. To do so, we continually upgrade treatment equipment and offer the newest innovations in radiation oncology.

Tri-Cities Cancer Center is a Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) Network Member, which means our patients have access to new therapies through SCCA's clinical trials. For patients who require highly specialized care, this relationship also means that your health care is coordinated between doctors at Tri-Cities Cancer Center and SCCA. As a Tri-Cities patient, you have more choices and your oncologist may consult with SCCA oncologists about your diagnosis and treatment at any time. You may also seek a second opinion from doctors at SCCA. And, if you and your doctors decide that a clinical trial is right for you, you may participate in the trial at Tri-Cities Cancer Center.

Tri-Cities Cancer Center offers many resources and support services to patients and their families at no charge, thanks to community support of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation.

For more information, visit the Tri-Cities Cancer Center website.