Patient Navigator

Patient Navigator

The patient navigator program is designed to provide services and resources to help guide patients through the health care system so they can focus on treatment and well being. The patient navigator also helps patients access community resources that would best help meet a patient’s need for:

  • Financial assistance
  • Lodging and transportation, as needed
  • Disease and treatment reference materials
  • Community support
  • Respite housing
  • Additional health care support, as needed 

The patient navigator assists patients in understanding and utilizing services and educational information provided by Olympic Medical Cancer Center. Olympic Medical Center (OMC) provides this service free of charge thanks to the generous support of the OMC Foundation, and can be contacted by a patient, a family member or a physician.

Working with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

The patient navigator is also available to assist patients who decide to go to Seattle Cancer Care Allinace (SCCA) for a second opinion or for treatment. The navigator can help with transportation and lodging arrangements, and will make sure that you understand the scope and range of treatment that is being offered at SCCA.

In addition, the patient navigator promotes and facilitates a support group for spouses and partners of men with prostate, testicular, and bladder cancer, which is teleconferenced with SCCA.

Call (360) 582-2845 for more information about the patient navigator program at Olympic Medical Cancer Center.