Olympic Medical Cancer Center

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When you have cancer, choosing the right place to go for treatment can be a difficult decision.

Living on the Olympic Peninsula, you may want to stay in your community and receive cancer treatment at a hospital you know and trust. At the same time, you probably want access to the latest treatment options, including those only available in clinical trials or at a comprehensive cancer center.

The affiliation between Olympic Medical Cancer Center and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), gives you the best of both worlds—care in your own community by skilled and dedicated oncologists, nurses, and staff, plus access to the resources of SCCA and its parent organizations. 

Olympic Medical Cancer Center

Olympic Medical Center has offered medical oncology services at Olympic Memorial Hospital in Port Angeles for decades. In 2003, Olympic Medical Cancer Center opened its doors in Sequim and became affiliated with SCCA, to give people with cancer who live on the Olympic Peninsula access to a broader range of cancer services and the expertise of nationally renowned cancer specialists. In 2007, it unveiled the new Primo Construction Medical Oncology wing addition. This brought medical oncology under the same roof as the services provided in the Littlejohn Family Radiation Oncology wing.

SCCA affiliation

The affiliation between SCCA and Olympic Medical Cancer Center gives you more choices. More choices mean the end to one-size-fits-all cancer care.

  • Your oncologist at Olympic Medical Cancer Center may consult with SCCA oncologists about your diagnosis and treatment.
  • You may seek a second opinion from doctors at SCCA.
  • If you and your doctors decide that a clinical trial is right for you, you may participate in the trial at Olympic Medical Cancer Center.
  • If you choose, you may ask for a referral and receive your treatment at SCCA. Your local doctor will remain involved in your care.