Group Health LogoNobody wants a cancer diagnosis. But if you face one, it’s good to know you have access to the full range of care and support of Group Health Medical Centers and Group Health Physicians.

The expertise you receive is based on a collaboration between personal physicians and specialists, the latest diagnostic and treatment tools, and—perhaps most important of all—compassionate care from a dedicated staff.

Your entire cancer care team is at Group Health

Following a diagnosis, as many as 20 staff members may become involved in your cancer care. Our teams of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, and oncology nurses are supported by behavioral health specialists, home health nurses, physical therapists, a medical genetics department, and even pharmacists and social workers specially devoted to cancer patients.

Group Health physicians stress shared decision making with their patients. "We're all committed to helping patients sift through their options to make the decisions that are right for them,” explains medical chief Eric Chen, MD, PhD, a former medical oncology fellow at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Great care made better by electronic coordination of records

“Group Health care and treatment easily equals where I’ve worked before,” says Dr. Chen, “and my patients can be more at ease because they know that Group Health clinicians coordinate care and stay connected through our electronic medical records system.”

Individualized treatment plans may involve multidisciplinary specialties and advanced scientific tools, such as electronic picture archiving and communication systems that enable physicians to view digital images anywhere, including during office visits.

“Every team knows instantly about results and any changes in treatment and can avoid unnecessary duplication of tests,” says Dr. Chen. “On top of that, the personal physician and consulting specialists have immediate access to current treatments, medication, effects, and history.”

Long history of collaborating with SCCA 

Group Health has been collaborating with SCCA since it was formed and became a care network affiliate in 2011. The formal affiliation provides a structured program for supporting community-based oncology care. Group Health Physicians’ medical oncologists in Seattle, Bellevue, Olympia, and Tacoma can now offer access to additional treatment options via select SCCA clinical studies without patients needing to transfer to SCCA.

In some instances, Group Health patients may still need highly specialized cancer care delivered directly by SCCA clinicians and we will continue to facilitate that care transition. As always, SCCA is available for second opinions for Group Health patients.

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