Ann Anderson, ARNP

Ann Anderson, ARNP

Ann Andersen is an advanced registered nurse practitioner; her patients just call her “Annie,” she says. Born in Montana, Andersen’s parents relocated the family to Wenatchee, Washington where she grew up and attended school.

Andersen says that her family members all have careers based on math and science. “My father is a civil engineer; my mother went to school to become a nurse. My brother is a material science engineer, and my sister a horticulturist,” she says. “However, my grandfather was a peridontist, (probably where the medicine part came from). No one else went into medicine in my family.”

She attended Washington State University, where she received her bachelors and master's degrees: “Go Cougs!” she says.

The best part about Andersen’s day is the people she meets: “I enjoy hearing their life stories and being part of their health-care team.”

The affiliation between SCCA and Confluence Health “is a connection of the highest standard of quality that can be provided for cancer patients in Eastern Washington and the Pacific Northwest,” she says. “By being affiliated with SCCA, we can provide state-of-the-art technology and therapies to our patients. This affiliation brings research and some of the best physicians in the country to our patients who live in Eastern Washington.”

When she isn’t caring for her patients, Andersen enjoys many things away from work, most especially gardening and running. “I also love to hike when I am able. Basically, I like to keep things simple, (easier that way).”