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The Link Between Obesity and Breast Cancer

King 5's Joyce Taylor interviews Fred Hutchinson Epidemiologist Christopher Li about the link between obesity and the increased risk of breast cancer.  

UW Experts to Discuss Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

A panel of experts, including SCCA's Dr. Connie Lehman, will discuss the controversy surrounding the new breast cancer screening guidelines on Thursday, 12/17.  
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New, Less Invasive Procedure to Detect Lung Cancer

KING 5 News looks at how doctors at SCCA are using a new procedure to biopsy lung tumors that's much easier on the patient.  

SCCA Reacts to Gov't Cancer Study

King5 TV interviews Dr. Connie Lehman about the new and controversial guidelines for breast cancer screening proposed by a government task force.  

SCCA's Radiology Director Responds to Screening Guidelines

SCCA's Director of Breast Imaging, Dr. Connie Lehman, responds to new screening guidelines announced by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.  
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Separation/Divorce More Common Among Women Patients

Women more likely to be separated or divorced after cancer diagnosis than men.  

11-10-2009 Cancer and Divorce (32kb)

SCCA Mammovan Rolls Into Renton

To kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month SCCA held an all-day event in Renton this weekend.  
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SCCA and Procure to Develop Proton Therapy Center

The development of a proton therapy center in the Pacific Northwest has taken a significant step forward with the signing of a letter of intent between the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) and ProCure Treatment Centers Inc.   

09-29-2009 SCCA and Procure Announce Proton Therapy Center (124kb)

Sea Mar Partners with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on Cancer Outreach

Sea Mar Community Health Centers, Washington’s largest community health provider to Latino patients, has become the first outreach affiliate of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Network. The two organizations will team to bring a variety of services, including cancer prevention and screening education, treatment referral and physician education, to Sea Mar healthcare providers and their patients.  

07-28-2009 Sea Mar Agreement News Release (31kb)

Overlake Joins Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Affiliate Network

Overlake Hospital Medical Center has joined the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) Network to become the first major medical center in the Seattle area, and the eighth community healthcare facility in Washington and Alaska to enter into an affiliation agreement with the Alliance.  

Pacific NW Prostate Cancer Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE)

Understanding how and why prostate cancer can turn deadly is key to developing therapies that may effectively treat men with recurrent or advanced prostate cancer, for which there is no cure.   
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Immunotherapy for Advanced Prostate Cancer (Patient Power Webcast)

Dr. Celestia Higano discusses a long-term study of Provenge, an anti-cancer vaccine for men with advanced prostate cancer that can provide a significant survival advantage for those who take the drug.  
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Pediatric Transplants for Nonmalignant Disorders (Patient Power Webcast)

Dr. Lauri Burroughs discusses bone marrow transplants for treating pediatric patients with nonmalignant disorders. Joining Dr. Burroughs and Andrew Schorr is Madysen Pablo and her mother Mary. Madysen received a bone marrow transplant for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID) in 2006.  
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Infection Rates Drastically Reduced by Unique Program at SCCA

An aggressive infection control program at SCCA has drastically reduced the rate of infection-caused illness since the program was launched three years ago. According to program director, Dr. Corey Casper, the rates of infection by so-called "superbugs," such as MRSA have been reduced to "negligible."   

The Needs of the Terminally Ill Redux

The online edition of The New York Times includes a thoughtful article by Dr. Pauline Chen, who writes about her own experience with a terminally ill patient, prompted by the publication of Dr. Tony Back's study that appeared earlier this week.  

New Guidelines for Using Breast MRIs

SCCA's Drs. Connie Lehman and Benjamin Anderson are co-authors of an updated set of guidelines for the best use of MRIs to diagnose and make treatment decisions for breast cancer.  

02-13-2009 MRI News Release (32kb)
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Breast Cancer Risk Drops after Hormones Stopped

Investigators from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that breast cancer rates among women who quit hormone therapy dropped dramatically.  
Related Diseases: Breast Cancer

Dr. Sunil Hingorani Interviewed About Justice Ginsburg's Recent Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer

SCCA's Dr. Sunil Hingorani puts Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent surgery for pancreatic cancer into perspective in this interview.  
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SCCA's Dr. Fred Appelbaum Interviewed in Oncology News

Dr. Fred Appelbaum, the executive director of SCCA, was interviewed in the January issue of Oncology News International.  
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SCCA's Dr. Sunil Hingorani Comments on Steve Jobs' Cancer

Dr. Sunil Hingorani, director of the pancreatic cancer clinic at SCCA, was quoted at length today in a article about pancreatic cancer and the ongoing speculation over the health status of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  
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Transplant Program at SCCA Ranked First in One-Year Survival Rates

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center stem-cell transplant program at SCCA was ranked as the best transplant program in the United States by an independent study of 122 transplant centers.  
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Safeway's Gift: $960,000 for Breast Cancer Research

The breast cancer clinical care and research programs at the Hutchinson Center, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the University of Washington collectively will receive $960,000 from the Seattle Division of Safeway Inc. as a result of the company’s annual fundraising campaign last October.  
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Saving Lives with Bone Marrow Transplants

SCCA's Dr. Leona Holmberg joins Andrew Schorr and several bone marrow transplant patients on Patient Power to discuss the latest breakthroughs and research on bone marrow transplants.  
Related Diseases: Bone Marrow Transplant, Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), Multiple Myeloma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

From Two Months to Four Years

Seattle Weekly's Nina Shapiro looks at how a second opinion and novel course of treatment at SCCA gave Maryann Clayton a new lease on life and underscores the difficulties of Washington State's new Death with Dignity law.  

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