Supportive Care

Supportive Care

Halvorson Cancer Center's educational materials and support activities help people deal with the physical and emotional consequences of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. We also assist patients and families with resuming active lives after treatment. Halvorson Cancer Center's cancer support services ensure you don't have to go through this alone.

Oncology Social Workers

Our oncology social workers are experts in helping patients navigate complex health care situations. They can help provide emotional support, identify financial resources, and ensure access to support services, education programs, and community resources. Learn more about oncology social workers on EvergreenHealth's website.

Cancer Resource Center

The Cancer Resource Center at EvergreenHealth offers a wide range of resources for cancer patients and their families. Volunteers and staff are available to assist you in finding information that's helpful to you.

Cancer Support Groups

Halvorson Cancer Center offers several support groups for cancer patients and their families. We partner with Cancer Lifeline to offer additional comprehensive classes and support groups for patients at EvergreeHealth. Check the EvergreenHealth website for a listing of groups.

Lymphedema Therapy

EvergreenHealth Rehabilitation Services provides a specialized lymphedema program to address the swelling and accumulation of lymph fluid that can occur following breast cancer or other cancer surgeries. Our certified lymphedema therapists have received training in massage techniques, bandaging, exercises, and specialized equipment to reduce discomfort. 

Spiritual Care

Chaplains are available to provide confidential emotional and spiritual support, individual or family counseling, and assistance in contacting clergy of all faiths. Visit EvergreenHealth's website for more information about spiritual care available to Halvorson Cancer Center patients and families.

Other Supportive Care

Additional supportive care services available to Halvorson Cancer Center patients include:
  • Nutrition support
  • Pain management
  • Patient education, classes, and events
  • Patient Financial Services
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Survivorship services
  • Palliative care